Test Your Pawn Endgame Knowledge, Part 2 | Principles of Chess Endgames | GM Naroditsky

In this video, I offer 5 more exercises to test your knowledge of the previous five pawn endgame videos. Each exercise is meant to help review and deepen your understanding of the concepts that I went over in the previous videos, as well as to nuance and strengthen your ability to approach difficult pawn endgames as a whole. Enjoy!



00:00 Intro
1:50 Van der Wiel, Torre Endgame
12:00 Lasker, Tarrasch Endgame
20:40 Kortschnoj, Sax Endgame
31:40 Kashlinskaya, Ozturk Endgame
40:40 Danya, FranklinPines Endgame

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  1. Danya, thanks so so much!!

    I'm waiting to watch this video till I have watched again the whole endgame series so that I'm able to at least be in a better shape to solve some of the puzzles… this will take between 2-3 days and a week but I'll get here!!

    Again thanks so much for this series… this is indeed gonna be one of chess endgames classics, you are becoming a legend indeed / THANKS

  2. You are a shining gem Mr. Naroditsky, You are the ideal teacher. Discipline, strength to invest the effort like you did in this video, and a beautiful heart to make us all happy and grateful to be in your presence.

    I have nothing but respect, and love for you Mr. Naroditsky.

    Thank you

  3. Could you maybe make a video on how to/how do you study openings and lines so self-taught(Daniel-taught) players could get a better idea on the subject?

  4. 35:13 Surely the simple pawn push e4 would be a faster win than Ke4 after black's move Kd2? Why waste time winning unnecessary pawns, as per Danya's own rule

  5. Even though I watched the original one, I’ll watch this again out of respect to you

  6. These videos create a paradox. On one hand I hope my opponents don't watch because that gives me an advantage. On the other hand I want to see this channel succeed so I hope it gets the millions of views that it deserves.

  7. Danya, once again is incredible. New age teacher! Absolutely understands the mentality of casual online players! And what a multilayered collection of puzzles. These endgame are very tricky. "What comes intuitively is mostly wrong." I will try to keep that in mind in the endgames.

  8. It would improve my chess game if you rerecorded all your videos. In fact, watching it a third time would undoubtedly be helpful to me.

  9. Fucking love your content Mr. Narodistky. I try to watch as much as I can whenever possible and they're truly a treat for me on mornings before either work or school. Hopefully you stay strong and healthy, of course best wishes for longevity and the share of love for chess among the community here to be everlasting. It's lovely here, much love to you all. ❤️

  10. There's a special place in heaven for people like you Danya. Like O.M.G

  11. I personally had no issue with the first video but thank you again. You deserve all the respect for the quality and effort you put into these

  12. I don’t know what to say that others haven’t already said, but the level of commitment Daniel shows to quality is second to none!

  13. You are by far the best chess teacher! Thank you for these videos 🙂

  14. 35:12 after Kd2 White of course play PAWN on e4 and not the king 😄

  15. Reccoment to watch the video in 1080p. I started it in 480p and the vocals was really muffled. Way better once I turned on 1080p. Might be some youtube compression issue.

  16. Incredibile incredibile, thank you so much for these endgame videos

  17. Bro do not insult yourself, you are not competing with house of the dragon, your content is leagues ahead of that ahahaha. Thank you for the lesson I’ll be working through it

  18. Great vid, learned about shouldering , control of square , not exhausting resources . I also lowkey feel as though the puzzles on the app got harder to solve.

  19. Hi Danya! Seeing how much contribution and dedication you have been offering to the chess community, you inspired me to do the same, and by that I mean I want to help you reach a wider audience by translating your contents but I don’t know how to reach you so I left a comment here. There used to be a community captions feature but it has been removed since 2020 and got replaced with a subpar auto-translate feature, so I’m not sure how it works now, but I’ll look into it. My native tongue is Vietnamese so that’s gonna be my main target language, however, I also know enough to proof-read French and Mandarin for grammatical errors.

    If you’re interested, let me know. It will be my pleasure.

  20. Wow nice sir…in lichess i usuually watch ur game..great sir..

  21. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  22. Thank you for the video, and enjoy yourself there!

  23. danya is such a genuine educator. spending all that effort on remaking an hour long video for basically no gain to himself, solely so that the people watching have a more quality product

  24. Danya, I am watching the Speed Chess Championship Qualifier, and I wish you good luck!

  25. king of chess teachers. thanks again for the amazing series. it is invaluable

  26. Mindblowing endgames. How many games i lost because i just randomly moved in the endgame without knowing how important these things are.

  27. Daniel..how could you loose to levy in blitz..😭😭

  28. The fact you do this makes you a true role model. So happy for your continued success

  29. Danya, you are the best. I thank you so much for taking the time not only to do this once but twice. My favorite Chess player, commentator, teacher, streamer and impersonator. You’re the man. 🙏

  30. The first endgame was a bit more difficult than that because you also had to calculate that Ke5 instead of e5 is a draw

  31. Your content is SO excellent, the production is almost academic. I have purchased courses much worse than your original!

  32. You're an amazing content creator. Remaking this video was entirely unnecessary but the effort you put for your audience is very admirable. Thanks for the videos!

  33. just an amazing series. Ver good explanations! Thank you very much.

  34. Love this approach for improving the understanding of chess. Love your video and these videos are quite inspiring and have so much to learn from. Keep making such videos ❤️

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