The 10 Best Chess Plans For The Middlegame – Chess Strategy For The Middlegame – Midgame Strategy

10 plans for the middlegame with clear, concise examples. These chess ideas will greatly improve your middle game strategy and help improve your tactical ideas.

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About This Video:

The top 10 best chess plans for the middlegame. After the opening, one of the biggest problems beginners and intermediate players have is what to do next. In this video I go over several examples of types of chess plans and strategies that you can use in your next game! and amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. “ Play the opening like a book, the middle game like a magician, and the endgame like a machine “ Rudolf Spielmann

  2. Can you make a video about weak square?
    I have seen many videos but having a hard time learning it

  3. I have a bad habit of just playing what feels right without coming up with a plan first – or worse, making up a plan for the purpose of justifying the move I want to do. That's backwards; make the plan, then decide on the move.

    Something that's helped me with my chess is to play correspondence games (or whatever they're called when there's no turn time limit, or the time limit is days instead of minutes) and make a word document keeping track of the moves. After every move my opponent makes, I write down why I think they made that move, what I notice about the position, and why I'm choosing the move I'm choosing. It takes time, but it forces me to stop just playing arbitrary "this feels right" kinds of moves.

    Great video as always! (And thanks for reading my long-winded tangents.)

  4. Ok I see you popping off with the views

  5. How are these videos only getting 1k views? These videos have been a game changer for me.

  6. Excellent video with great strategies for the middlegame. Thanks for uploading.

  7. Very good video. Especially those advanced positional ideas were helpful!

  8. Are you trying to teach us all you know about chess?

  9. Wow what a nice guide…. learned lots of things…thanks❤️

  10. Hey, some of my opponents attacking relentlessly, in the openings and the middle game, i usually find it hard to defend, do you have any tips?

  11. Man I hope you get more popular. Your videos have helped me a lot.

  12. 1 break open the centre
    2 attack opponent's king with a pawns
    3 trade your weak pieces for opponent's stronger ones
    4 create a battery on a half-open or open file
    5 create a battery on a long diagonal
    6 rook lift
    7 relocate a knight for an outpost
    8 locate opponent's weaknesses
    9 eliminate weaknesses before get attacked
    10 make opponent's pieces innefective

  13. Very useful ideas…little and basic plans is the key 👏👏

  14. Nelson can you pretty much do what you have here but actuall show examples of where beginners-intermediate players often get it wrong eg they should be planning something in particular but dont. In other words pretty much what you have done now but more explanation of the why and how. Maybe look af a heap of games and show common planning probs or something

    By the way where i there a mechanism such as patreon or voluntary payment subscription show people can show there appreciation for what you do. I dont mind throwing a few bucks your way nor do others i assume even if its a token amount here n there.

  15. The hardest thing for me is to evaluate tempo in rook lifts or the knight reroutes, seems im giving my opponent too much turns to counterattack, i mean i know it can work its just hard for me to do the calculations and go for it

  16. I just discovered your channel and i love it.

  17. So I'm nowhere even close to being good at chess yet, but I already know my middle game is where I suffer most. I especially tend to fall victim to the last one mentioned ( where I have ineffective pieces like the bishop that can't move to a lot of squares ) . Hopefully I've learned something and this helps me develop a bit better strategy here. BTW, I'm now subscribed to your videos. Very informative.

  18. Best Middlegame video ever. Better than most books👍

  19. 11:39 And now look! His bishops is as useful as diet water!
    Nice video, or should I say, excelente video

  20. That was a great lesson. Even though I knew about most of these strategies, I still feel I learned something from this video. And now I have a handy checklist to decide what plan to go ahead with in a game. Thanks a lot.

  21. At 5:33 isn't putting your bishop all the way back and behind the queen like that bad? I get the idea of threatening checkmate but if they defend with g6 you just end up with an undeveloped bishop that's blocked in by your queen

  22. Man, that was so clear and to the point, thank you so much! 🙂

  23. You should do some openings for both white and black for the 800 range

  24. Is there a word for 2 pieces targeting the same square? Like a bishop on b7 and a queen on the g file or somewhere both staring at the g2 pawn or the fried liver attack, it wouldn't be a battery, maybe a convergence?

  25. Possibly your most helpful video great stuff. Don’t run out of things to think of in the middlegame like I used to

  26. So for the begining position as white in the beginning of the video, couldn’t you also do the moves : bishop takes knight (black recaptures whites bishop), queen takes hanging pawn?

  27. Really, the best channel for learning chess. streight to the point. Clear. Perfect

  28. Absolutely the best concise videos. Straight to the point with no ra mbl

  29. Absolutely the best videos. Concise with no rambling. Glad I found these. Thanks for posting!!

  30. Thanks. Great info. You were great in the Santa Claus movies too back in the day.

  31. Excellent work. U deserve more subs. Keep up 👍

  32. You're the best. This video is like reading a 400 page book.

  33. I like that he knows how the average player thinks and explains chess concepts so we get the point rather than trying to memorize them

  34. Dear sir, your session on Middle game plans is very interesting and instructive as it helps in keeping player on the right way to play chess with logical thinking move by move.

  35. Very good. Instructive and step by step. I have been watching many videos of other well known chess YouTubers, but your videos give the foundation that they lack in their videos. Thank you

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