The 2 Most Important Chess Endgames Explained in 3 minutes

Ever made it to the endgame with an extra piece and realised you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing? This video is for you.

It’s also for you if you have never played chess before and have no interest in chess. All I want is that sweet sweet view counter to just keep on going up. Deep down, it really doesn’t matter to me at all whether I make a positive impact on the world, as long as my narcissism and self-interest are satiated.

My unquenchable thirst for attention and validation is endless, and I will stop at nothing until the very last user on this god-forsaken website has subscribed to me multiple times. Only then will I feel satisfied. Until that day comes, I will maintain a steady regimen of playing self-recorded daily affirmations to myself on maximum volume while I stare at myself in the mirror and bask in my own magnificence. “You are a god” – I will hear my own voice tell me repeatedly… “All else are beneath you, you magnificent creature”, I will scream to myself.

My friends and family warned me my egotism would consume me if I left it unchecked, but I fear it is too late. I now wear ultra reflective sunglasses so I can stare into the reflection of my own eyes at all times. I dream only of the satisfaction I derive from being complimented by lesser beings. It is nearly time for me to ascend to the ethereal realm and begin my conquest of the far-reaching corners of the physical universe. However, I must first bide my time and continue to produce YouTube videos to continue to educate the unwashed degenerates who worship at my digital feet. That is the purpose I shall tirelessly and flawlessly pursue.

So, hopefully new videos will be coming out at a slightly higher pace. No promises, though. It’s exam season.


  1. your video description goes hard. just like yours

  2. I need one that's less complicated. This one hurt my head

  3. I think you should get a pop filter and then put it behind the mic so it doesn't do anything I think that would be funny

  4. I, too, like drawing three cards at instant speed. 😜

  5. How about queen vs knight? Queen vs bishop? Queen vs rook? Queen and pawn vs queen? 🙂

  6. Great and hilarious video. Many channels go for this type of video model with funny stock images and a voice over but you pull it off quite well. Sub

  7. Now do a 30s tutorial for checkmating with bishop and knight.

  8. fucking love these videos. Great editing and great voice over bro

  9. You can win with k-b-n, but, not if you're a beginner.

  10. I don't have friends. Guess I'm in the wrong place.

  11. No Vayas Gentilmente A Esa Buena Noche says:

    i fucking love this channel, i´ve seen everyone multiple times

  12. ABOUT TIME YOU UPLOAD. i thought you died man. whats up??
    love from maldives (because you probably dont know where that is and it mightmake you feel special)

  13. okay protip if any of you are actual beginners do watch at 0.5 speed im not even kidding.

  14. dont you have a account or a lichess account?? promote it man i have no idea how good or bad you are damn it

  15. I love your videos, they are entertaining and makes me as a 1300 improve drasticly keep it up

  16. "how to castle bishopside"
    "why can't the rook go diagonally"
    "why can't pawns go backwards"
    Also I'm sorry to hear about Rachel

  17. this channel has the best chess videos i have ever seen

  18. No Dvoretsky has been harmed in the making of this video

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