The 5 Best Endgames from the Pro Chess League! | GM Naroditsky

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In this video, we take a close look at the five most interesting endgames from the first two weeks of the Pro Chess League (PCL). We analyze each endgame with an eye toward understanding the root causes of the mistakes, and formulate several general rules and tips for improving your endgame understanding and intuition.

All information about the PCL, including live games and standings:

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  1. This is an awesome idea! I’d love to see it become a regular series, eg recapping interesting endgames from recent major OTB, tournaments, TTs, etc. Nobody else on YT does anything similar and it’s a great way to see how theoretical endgame knowledge is applied in practice

  2. This is a great series idea! I'd love to see more of how GMs think about practical endgames and apply theoretical knowledge to them.

    I'm sure club players are capable of understanding these concepts but it's so hard to find good resources on this topic! Danya, do you have resources of your own you'd recommend?

  3. Your explanations are exceptional! Thanks so much.

  4. I've been really missing these one-off lesson videos. Your speedruns are great and all, but these are the shit.

  5. No gimmicks, straight educational material that makes you better. Thanks!

  6. you are the goat , you are the goat , you are the goat

  7. OMG. Danya! You have become the best chess instructor for the general audience of chess. Your speedrun series are very unique, entertaining and informative. Also, I have watched your recent "GM level puzzles" video. It took me to hear only one line from that video to increase my puzzle rating +400. You said "Don't start to move the pieces until you believe that you solved the puzzle completely." It really helped me to improve my board vision and calculation skills not only in puzzles but also in actual games. It is crazy how just one line can affect that much. I play chess for fun and don't study at all. The things that I learn are from the videos which are suggested on my mainpage on Youtube. Hence, my learning process is really messy. But just like the "Gm level puzzles" video, sometimes, I hear an advice or learn an idea and suddenly something switches in my brain. I feel the imidiate increase in my play after stucking long time in a rating range. Your videos helped me a lot. I appreciate your work so much. I hope everything goes well in your life. Take a good care of yourself.

  8. I thought one of the endgames would be where Sam Sevian resigned a drawn endgame against Saric because he didn’t see underpromotion to a knight. But the chosen five are also fascinating.

  9. I'd just like to say that whenever I'm playing OTB, you're the chess voice in my head whenever I'm calculating

  10. You could charge 200 Dollars for a chessable course with this series and it would be a good one. Instead it's here for free 🤩

  11. I really love your indepth commentary on anything – but especially endgames! This video was truly enjoyable, also having some context and emotional interest in recent events/players is definitely a plus. I hope these videos keep coming regardless of how "well received" (as you pondered) they are.

  12. This is even more fun to add to the endgame series in that you can see high level players need time to see these ideas!

  13. You should have included sevian vs saric, where sevian resigned a drawn endgame

  14. 10:00 a ferrari vs a ford? Haven't you seen the movie, FORD wins the race!

  15. Danya is the best teacher. There is no competition.

  16. GM Daniel what a killer video. Please more like this. Talk about elevating the playing field. For those of us 2000-2200 studying the endgame is crucial. Also love your 15 minute game videos.

  17. What an amazing video idea! This is very instructive, because people learn endgames by watching masters games. It would be very nice and instructive to see more videos about master level endgames made by Danya.

  18. incredible, look ing forward to analyzing w Danya ! 🙂
    Pls also upload the Andrea lessons

  19. The Chessbrah's would of lost all 3 of their matches without Magnus.

  20. Is it just on my end or is his camera quality a bit low? Looks way better on stream

  21. Amazing video, that 3rd endgame was stunning – thank you Danya

  22. Only a few People know:
    the more you watch Danya's endgame series, the better Person you bekome!)
    Thanks Danya, i am really glad you're

  23. Haven't even started yet but yes, more of this please. Plus, we need more consistency on the endgame series

  24. There is a proverb in my country that shower thoughts stream from the fountain of ingenuity. Chess players should take more showers, unless they have sound medical advice not to do so!

  25. Didn't expect to watch all the 57 minutes, I had a great time! Thanks!

  26. Please go through the endgame where Carissa Yip had a winning bishop move on the board against Magnus Carlsen!

  27. I absolutely love Danya's videos every single one is so instructive and fun, please like the video guys!

  28. Wow, again insanely awesome material. Thank you Daniel.

  29. I find it impressive that Bortnyk find that defensive rook fortress with a little second on the clock.

  30. In a "game" where everything is out in the open to be seen, too few can see what really matters in a position. IMO this is what makes chess so frustrating and beautiful at the same time. Thank you so much for such wonderful, high level content. It's also a balm for the soul, fighting in OTB tournaments and being self critical against sundry 1800-2200 fide opposition, that serious GMs are working to figure out the game too.

  31. bro you are too awesome, great vid as always

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