The 5 Best Endgames from the Pro Chess League! | GM Naroditsky

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03:45 End game 1
15:15 End game 2
21:50 End game 3
37:00 End game 4
46:25 End game 5
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In this video, we take a close look at the five most interesting endgames from the first two weeks of the Pro Chess League (PCL). We analyze each endgame with an eye toward understanding the root causes of the mistakes, and formulate several general rules and tips for improving your endgame understanding and intuition.

All information about the PCL, including live games and standings:

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  1. The accent is the best as well 😀

  2. That first example alone with alanlysis plus the "fixing the pawn on the same color as your bishop" example, was worth the price of admission alone. Everything else is icing on the cake. Love danyas videos and explanations. The most instructive chess youtuber by a mile.

  3. When are new end game videos coming out?

  4. @46:00 it seemed like you could use your bishop to block the opponents bishop. Will have to check why that doesn't work but it looked like a candidate move.Edit: on f5 I think

  5. The shower is a great place to have good ideas

  6. Came back to comment on this video. Just Watched the recent gotham vs anna cramling blindfold video. The position of game 3 is seared in my mind and i immediately thought of your teaching Danya! Levy himself missed it but anyway just thought i want to reiterate your teachings make us appreciate chess on a a different level

  7. Who noticed that in levy's new video (blindfolded vs anna crammling) they reached the EXACT SAME pawn race endgame as in the Sam Sevian game (endgame 3)?

  8. Fantastic content! Your endgame videos are the best out there. I just signed up to your patron as this quality is definitely worth paying for!

  9. i hate endgames, i'm so bad at them. i'm also bad at the middle game and opening, but endgames are even more blunderific

  10. Danya lesson #2:


    having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence; mindless.
    "a vacuous smile"

  11. 17:49 "The universe is under no obligation to make sense"
    Terrence McKenna

  12. Great video & presentation, driving home the point that there are so many endgame tactics, especially deflecting pawns and queens.

  13. I almost died when you went well full Kasparov

  14. Excellent series Danny! Thank you so much- simply fascinating your deep analysis.
    Please keep up this format!!

  15. I give my upvote to more of similar videos!

  16. This is the best endgame video ever. I love the real game examples.

  17. I love this channel and Daniel with my whole heart

  18. youtube should let me like this video like 10 or 20 times frankly

  19. Discovered your channel 1 month ago and am watching 1-2 vids a day. Greatly appreciated.

  20. I would watch more Naroditsky if he didnt constantly misuse words making himself sound like an idiot. Great chess player but his English is atrocious!

  21. This one starts out extremely slow and really failed to capture my interest. I watched the first one with the bishops and it has some value but was long and cumbersome. I might try the rest later. I would say try and get right into it and remember to be succinct. Normally all of your videos are incredibly good so don’t mean to be rude.

  22. Danya, nothing makes me feel worse than losing in this game. I'm 500 rating and every game I just feel like I play against cheaters. I have put in an immense amount of work to progress and nothing really seems to work. I simply dont feel like you need to play at a 100% accuracy to cheat. There is nothing to stop people from playing moves they come up with by themself and checking it with an analysis and making sure it isn't a massive blunder… ur strategy of just beating them on time doesn't really work for me. I dont really know if they are cheating… just the moves they play are ALL good. nobody hangs anything at all. For someone just learning the game it is actually just crushing my soul. I feel like my principles are solid enough that I should just be soaring to at least 1000 rating…………………………….. these guys play at like an 85-90% accuracy already at 500 rating. It's disgusting and I'm actually just melting down from it.

  23. GM Naroditsky can throw in a random, bonus episode and still reach a quality that most chess content creators can only dream of

  24. At 25:53, isn't it more thematic and simpler to just shoulder blacks King with Kd4? A quick look at the engine suggests that it's also winning, and it seems to avoid all the complications in the game.

  25. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    COOL you actually didn't give up on the endgame series unlike some channels. looking forward to see what your series has that josh waitzkin doesn't have. this looks like it will be like a free version of what Karsten Müller has on chessbase. like finally there'll be a free, complete and online endgame series that's actually in order. cf

    1 – st louis chess club videos are free and online (and maybe complete?) but don't seem to have an order. they seem to be more like supplements to an actual series.

    2 – Karsten Müller isn't free

    3 – josh waitzkin isn't complete

  26. Sick off work today, thank you for blessing me😊

  27. Thanks Dania for explaining all the theories deeply initially i was at 1100 just knowing opening idea and when he explained the more deep ideas in match and speedrun i just got more exposed to various tactics and positions in vianna,Caro kann, fantasy variation, queens Gambit declined and now i am 1400 after subscribing Dania i love this man and now this end game explaination just love the work he puts on for us ❤️❤️❤️

  28. "It's a lot more painful to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own"…..Now that's some serious empathy Danya's got going there! 😊

  29. Random shower thought videos are the best videos

  30. Recapping the "best of moments" in tournaments is a great idea for videos. I'd love to see more. Even if you broke them up into two separate vids, one being the recap and the other being the deep analysis.

  31. Can we have more content from Danya's shower?

    Handsome guy.

  32. great concept, would definitely love to see more videos in this format

  33. You Will never be as good as Hikaru Nakamura. The Truth hurts. 9-1 after bullet brawl remember? Chessly speaking you are just a prophet and Hikaru is the 4th person of the holy trinity Have a nice day

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