The Best Bishop Endgame Of All Time! | Computer Chess Championship

Last week Stockfish won one of the greatest chess endgames of all time against Komodo. IM Daniel Rensch breaks down this incredible endgame so that we can all understand these amazing ideas.

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  1. Great job Danny. Keep up the fantastic videos.

  2. This could easily have been some weird chess composition. This is straight up headaches, just when you thought you've seen everything in chess

  3. Here is my question for the programmers. When did Stockfish see this plan? It seems almost that it played the game like a lazy human for many moves. "Let me try the somewhat easy ways of winning this game where I will not lose any opportunities because I might just win without having to think too hard." And after trying all of those easy options without success then, like a lazy human who still really wanted to win that game, it began to think hard and came up with Bf5. But why did it come up with that idea only then and not earlier? The position was not essentially different from what it had been for 20 or 30 moves.

  4. I have played so many brilliant moves.But it never shows when I press to analyze.

  5. This video puts agadmator's analysis to shame. Agadmator prioritizes quantity over quality and many times shows lines with poor commentary because engines only show moves and not ideas and he doesnt take the time to fully understand some positions. You go man my man thx for the lesson!

  6. whats all the fuss about this endgame? the lizard just doesnt understand endgames and screwed this up…pfff…cant even hold an elementary blockade

  7. 16:50 why black king didn't came on a7 to block a pawn from moving? Maybe it would be lost in any case, but black wouldn't be threatened to checkmate at least 🙂

  8. But Im wondering if black was the first to move instead of white

  9. so long !!!!!i slept during this video ^^

  10. The amount of passion poured into this video makes you want to give up s*x and study bishop endgames instead. So instructive too. Plus, as a non-native English speaker (and instructor), I always learn some idiomatic phrase or other (btw, uncle Bob says hi!). Keep up the good work!

  11. It would only be fair to let the hero bishop mate too! I.e. Bf3# instead of Qxg8# 🙂

  12. Stockfish: Mate in 147
    Komodo: But it's already move 50???

  13. After white gave up the d-pawn, wasn't there at any point a possibility for black to give up the bishop for the a-pawn and remain in a drawn ending? I mean one where h-pawn would be unable to promote because white has wrong bishop.

  14. Magnus once said when you are in a pawn endgame that if you have more pawns on the opponent side then you stand much better and this position shows why magnus said that in this candidates tournament on the commentary

  15. I saw this on agadmator's channel yesterday. This is the most insane ending I have ever seen.

  16. Danny is awesome. Makes silicone chess almost understandable for amateurs like me.

  17. Watch, a few years from now a 10-piece tablebase will be released and say this position is a draw.

  18. Last move should have been Bf3#. Bishop deserved to give mate.

  19. Wow such a great game. Looking forward for more such videos.

  20. This is the Pulp Fiction of chess videos

  21. i feel like stockfish cheated and used an engine

  22. You can tell this guy loves his job. Great work! Love the energy

  23. This is quite possibly the most compelling, instructional and enjoyable endgame study I have ever seen. Thank you.

  24. AlphaZero: I am the best at bishop endgames
    Stockfish: Hold my bishop

  25. ERIC, I think you made the right decision putting this man in charge.

  26. No false advertisement, greatest Bishop endgame indeed

  27. well just to let you know I have love chess since my first game when I was 17 (LOST) for 41 years not played for 30+ years no one I know plays (don't like computer chess)
    I have been a subscriber to agadmator's Chess Channel for year-ish.
    but this video made me subscribe to your channel.

  28. Dani's commentary is absolutely top notch. Love it.

  29. There were several positions where black could have gone for lines requiring much more precision for white to win than that Kf5 try (for instance at the start when SF is playing Ke3 (whcih is the only way to get their bishop on e2), black could have tried Bg4 Ba4 Ke5 Bb3 Bc8 Bc4 Bb7!? Be2 Kf5! Bxh5 (Bf3 Ba8) Bxd5 Be2 Bb7 b3 d5 Kd3! (only move) Bc6 Kd2! (or Kc2) Bb7 Kc3! Kf4 h5 Kg5 b4 c4 Kd4 Kf5 Kc5 Kg5 Bd1! Kf5 Kb6 Bc8 Kc6 etc….. still winning for white but requiring much more precision than the Kf5 attempt shown by Rensch.

    Also brining the K to d4 and playing Bc6 wasn't actually the correct winning plan for white at the end if black had defended optimally (after thier Bf5 Ke3 they should have tried Be6! instead of Bc8, at the end. At that point both Komodo and SF had evaluated that it was losing on any move, so komodo had no particular reason to play the most resilitent line as it was losing just as much.

    Here is the most resilitent line starting from the d5 sacrifice: after 1.Bf5 Bxd5 2.Bd3 Bb7 3.Bc4 (or 3.Bf1, just a waiting move) 3… Kg6 4.Be2 zugzwang Bc8 5. Bf3, if black plays 5…Kh6 then 6.Be4! Bd7 7.Bd3 Bc8 8.Ke4! wins, while if black plays 5…Bd7 6.Ke3! Be6!, then 7.Kd4 Bc8 8.Bc6, doesn't lead to the win as black has 8…Kf5 .

    Instead white must play 7.Bb7 Bc4 8.Be4+! Kf6 (8…Kh6 9.Kd4) 9.Bf3 Kg6 10.Kd4 d5 and this position is winning (although requring a lot of precision : 11.Ke5 Bb3 12.Be2 Bc4 13.Bd1 Ba2 14.Ke6!! (14.Ba4? Kf7 15.Kf5 Ke7! forces white to go back t6.Ke5, so just loss of time, white had to play Ke6 in this precise spot, with the black bishop on a2) 14… Bc4 15.Ba4 and if 15…Ba2 16.Be8+ Kh6 17.Ke5 followed by Bf7 and Bxd5, or 15…d4+ 16.Ke5 d3 17.Kd4, or 15…Kg7 16.Kf5! Kf7 17.Bd1 Ke7 18.Ke5 Kd7 19.Bxh5 Kc6 20.Bf3 Kc5 21.h5 d4 22.h5 Bg8 and for instance 23.Bd5 Bh7 24.Be4 Bg8 25.Kf6 followed by Kg7 +-.

  30. I mean… It's a nicely played ending for sure but none of the moves actually shock me like I would think hearing comments beforehand. Sort of expected some very outlandish and creative moves

  31. You create the best analysis videos

  32. One day they'll have secrets… one day they'll have dreams.

  33. So, basically you could remove 2 blocked weaknesses to open ONE mighty way, that's interesting!

  34. Why does he keep on saying "he" lmao they're computers

  35. 2:24 BG4 blunder the best was KE7 AND IS DRAW

  36. Such great complexity with such a simple position. Only in chess could this be possible.

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