The MAIN Reason Why You LOSE This Chess Endgame

The MAIN Reason Why You LOSE This Chess Endgame

According to Mark Dvoretsky, A. Studenecki suggested the floating-square rule in chess in 1939. If a square whose two corners are occupied by pawns (on the same rank) reaches the edge of the board, then one of those pawns must queen. In Today’s video I explain in details how this rule functions.

Enjoy! Thanks for watching!


  1. The second condition you can push 2 blocks beacuase it is the first pawn move

  2. This doesn't work for Black pawns on a3 and c3, white ling on b3

  3. You literally moved them up from the 5th rank to 6th

  4. Wait why can't you just go like king c4 c3

  5. There is a simpler rule, called the "rule of 7". You start counting the rank of the two pawns, taking as rank nr. 1 the 1st rank of their own side. Then you add the number of squares separating the two pawns to the number of the rank. If the total sum is 7 or more, one pawn is promoted without the assistance of the K. For example, here we have: in the first example, the two black pawns are on the 4th rank (counting from the black side!) and they are separated by three pawns. 4+3 = 7, so the promotion of one pawn is achieved. In the second case, the pawns are on the 3rd rank (from their own side) and they are still separated by 3 squares. 3+3 = 6, the promotion cannot be achieved. Cool, eh? 😎

  6. Why don’t you just move the pawns up? Get it?

  7. Are you Romanian? Cuz you sound like Bogdan from Breaking Bad

  8. I never knew there was another box rule, this one will be useful in endgames

  9. you put the 2black pawn and the king in higher place

  10. I wished I knew this trick earlier. I was in a position where I sacrificed an exchange to get to this type of position, but my pawns were one square too far behind, so I lost both my pawns, and the game.

    Keep in mind that I could have won if I didn't make the exchange sacrifice. I had also used so much brainpower to that 30-minute game. It was a shame that I lost.

  11. I’ve had this endgame and ended by stalemate but never came back

  12. Who else loved how those circling arrows revolved around the kings

  13. Why can't I after black Kf6 go to a pawn? I can just take it and black loses

  14. At the start he made a red square and I can’t unsee it now

  15. How did that black e pawm did not get taken throughout the whole game

  16. What if you checked with the white pawn, and escorted the second

  17. 1… Kf6 2. Kc5 Kg7 3. Kc6

  18. I'll instantly say no before you ask me if I know why I keep losing chess

  19. Bro you can you just do everything u said when you said they can’t be stoped but when the black pawn is one square from queening just check the black king and the control the square of promotion

  20. Did not know this concept. Good stuff! Keep them coming please!

  21. When on earth would this ever happen in a real game

  22. I think this would be rare because the center pawn is always eaten

  23. 4 conditions it has to be you’re turn

  24. Why did you put the king in center always. Why not go near the edge pawn hahha

  25. Why didnt Qc6 just push Pa6 after Qg7 move to f6?

  26. i dived into the chess endgame rabbit hole and there is so much i have to learn

  27. 'The edge of the board has to be edge'

  28. How can I win in this position with white

  29. And that kids, is why you should always learn the difference of a rectangle and a square

  30. When the pawn is going to promote to a queen check the black king by the pawn and you will have time to kill the pawn

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