The Most Beautiful Rook Endgame I’ve Seen This Year #chess #magnuscarlsen #chessendgames

The Most Beautiful Rook Endgame I’ve Seen This Year

#chess #magnuscarlsen #chessendgames

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  1. When you played rook b8 for a stalemate can't the king just take the rook?

  2. Bro why Magnus DRAw? He had food poisoning

  3. I wish Pragg win that match and get his debut worldcup final win

  4. And then he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. But there's no stalemate if rook is taken with the king, is there?

  6. Is this an actual game that happened? Damn…

  7. As a person watching this video after chessscape recorded it, I can confirm that Magnus won.

  8. I don't think Qa5+ is a stalemate it's mate …

  9. I was rooting for Pragg but Magnus won. I am still happy to see the goat retiring from classical chess in style

  10. Question: if the promotion was a rook, how the game would continue? There isn't stalemate if after the black check with the rook in b8, king in b8 and the king must go in b6. Show me the answer please… I wish you will do a video to answer me

  11. Wait, i dont get it, black can easily draw this game, just move the king to b6, it is the same postion like before, but the game will end in a draw.

  12. He could've moved the rook to the end of the board

  13. Pragg vs Magnus Carles who will win

    Pragg will win

  14. dude when you queen and the rook gives a check to make a stalemate can't you just take with the king instead of the queen?

  15. You cant learn too much by watching YouTube shorts, but you can by watching this guy's YouTube short

  16. I heard if u write "I love chess" u get a pinned and hearted comment

  17. Why not take the rook with the king Instead?

  18. He never explained why the pawn was a blunder

  19. u play b4 rook takes pawn on middle pawn then whatever move white makes u check mate with black rook… black wins this endgame if u play it how he said it

  20. The craziest thing is that at the beginning position, why is the rook there, was it trying to blunder itself?

  21. If I were to bet on any grandmaster to find that endgame sequence, it'll be Magnus

  22. my stupid ass would have played b4 anyways

  23. caption said "creating a beautiful sucks ball"

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