The Most Common Chess Mistakes: Missing Endgame Tactics

In this video, I kick off the Most Common Chess Mistakes series with a discussion of players’ tendency to forget that tactics are prevalent in the endgame, that is, even with very few pieces left on the board. Through the lens of an instructive (albeit painful) example from my own chess career, I demonstrate the importance of never switching off your tactical detector, even when there are next to no pieces left!

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  1. I gotta say Daniel, not only are you a great chess player, but you're a wonderful teacher. I started playing a couple months ago, and I think that you're probably the only person I've heard talk about chess and fully understand everything you were saying. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Классная мысль, супер пример и отличное видео!

  3. I live for your videos you inspire inside of me a love for chess I never knew existed. I'm subscribed with notifications on.
    I love the vids with TurboFisto, I loved this one too.
    Don't overthink about content too much just upload more , not only will that satisfy fans like myself but also the YouTube algorithm will reward you for it.
    I sense you like to orchestrate the content of your youtube channel in a perfect manner and do so carefully.
    I softly suggest you be more free and just upload more, that way you will quickly figure out in which direction you wish to push your channel.
    Much love <3

  4. Looking back on Daniel's early games, you can really appreciate how Charlie made him into the player he is today.

  5. Please continue to make this series .Especially on how to win endgames.

  6. Excellent content and an effective educator ggwp

  7. Aye I got that move in like 8 seconds and I'm like 800 rating lol I was like sooo did you win cause I see white has an easy checkmate so what kind of computer calculated move are you gonna pull out of your ass.

  8. I love your videos and streams.. your content has given me the motivation and way by which my rating has shot from 1456 to 1776 uscf in a relatively short period of time.. your instructional content really helps.

  9. Friendly reminder that skipping to the very end of the video and then hitting replay gets rid of all the ads. (This is more used for mobile)

  10. I'm still unable to see that back ranks happen on the side of the board! Still a long way to go🤦‍♂️

  11. you have a very elegant vocabulary. The word enterprise in that context is so good. And thanks for the great lesson!

  12. This is so generous content. Highly appreciated.

  13. This is helpful. I subscribed and look forward to more.

  14. Keep them coming please 🙂
    This is so helpful

  15. how might black have taken white’s extra pawn, assuming the blunder did not occur?

  16. ☼ is a white black draw a white loss, bc of the 1st move advantage?

  17. ☼ i really want to design a board w pieces that all stand on their head, to indicate playing on a higher dimensional board, or 4 square "tower" segment. that would be a game. and not just a mirror of the board in a higher dimension: at least 3 &/or sections only to the 3rd: but always every square is to exist in multiple planes. & you can only enter higher dimensions on attack or to trade places w any piece of your color in one of the lower dimensions on that square. you know?

    how about some abstract thinking in chess? not algorithmic child math & memorization 'fwd thinning' & assumption under odds. & i want a piece called a marshal. but that is negotiable. once i learn to wittle… shakes fist at passing kids on sk8boards playing traditional chess

  18. Mistakes really often can be some of the greatest teaching moments for any person.

  19. If there is one thing I've learned in chess endgames so far is that tactics definitely exist if that stupid horse is still on the board.

  20. The white King on g6 should be an immediate red flag that checkmate is in the air; however, it's counterintuitive to think of a move like Ne7 so it's understandable that even a truly great player can miss it. This example also illustrates the concept of interference on some level as the knight blocks any rook check(s). I appreciate this fine example and thank Daniel for another spectacularly beneficial lesson.

  21. Thanks coach for this endgame knowledge and I enjoy to watch your vedio

  22. Also Nf6 , It does not matter what black makes you win then with Rook to h4

  23. That was a good move he made. Great video. You are teaching me lots!

  24. Do these vids on an infrequent basis Danya! Need them bad

  25. And then he never made another endgame video again.

  26. One of my favorite GMs. Love the instruction. Daniel really has a great talent for teaching and explaining.

  27. I think the biggest endgame mistake is not understanding when you enter the endgame

  28. Well, actually, another strong reason to miss tactics in the Endgame, is because by now you’re probably very short on your clock and there just isn’t enough time to find all the different tactical possibilities.

  29. I love the background. "Yes I slept on the couch and take my chess at the counter thank you."

    Congrats on Caruana win. Kd6… monster.

  30. I learned this lesson from Anatoly Karpov. Remember that game against Korchnoi in a WC match where Karpov unleashed an endgame mate with Knights, Rook and King? It was the 17th match game from 1978.

  31. Привет! Можешь пожалуйста посоветовать книги про шахматы которые стоит прочитать на русском? Я имею в виду русские книги которые стоит прочитать. Я не знаю теорию, рейтинг 950+- (17 y.o) :/ шахматы сильно нрав.

  32. This also plays into the practical endgame advice of never rush and make many simple threats. If your opponent has already made many simple to defend threats then eventually when they make 2 threats it will be confused with another simple threat.

  33. Crazy how it was hard not to see the tactic but only right after you explained it lol.

  34. Don't care which one. When a GM talks about chess. I will listen, lol. The amount of talent, study, and skill development it takes to achieve GM status is incomprehensible to me.

  35. Excellent video illustrating the false sense of security that the endgame can provide.

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