The Most Common Chess Mistakes: Missing Endgame Tactics

In this video, I kick off the Most Common Chess Mistakes series with a discussion of players’ tendency to forget that tactics are prevalent in the endgame, that is, even with very few pieces left on the board. Through the lens of an instructive (albeit painful) example from my own chess career, I demonstrate the importance of never switching off your tactical detector, even when there are next to no pieces left!

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  1. In a way there are more tactics, with fewer pawns each piece has a lot of mobility

  2. thank you, havent watched but it says this is the 69th comment, so i have to answer the call. I can't wait to learn some new stuff!!!!

  3. Who is out here disliking these videos? …I just wanna talk

  4. Daniel looks like he is recording in an ikea custom room

  5. Love your content. Keep it coming. It has gotten me FINALLY interested in chess!

  6. Always loving more content from you Daniel

  7. He didn't say, "that's about it, see ya". I'm disappointed!

  8. i always lose in the beginning and catch pieces at the end lol

  9. Thank you GM Naroditsky! Grateful for your lessons!

  10. Is it weird that I looked at the positions and immediately saw the best next move jump out at me first? I even quickly considered and threw away the rook move you considered as an alternative to the preferred candidate move over the course of a split second in my head.

  11. At the end, Daniel sounded like he was trying hard to think of things to say that weren't "Like, comment, and subscribe."

  12. Daniel, I love the series you make, and you teach in a simple to understand matter, while giving a high retention rate.
    I want to suggest some improvement to video and audio quality, simple changes that make a big difference. Lighting – you look pale and gray. Audio, echo from walls, carpets and other fabrics to cover walls reduce this. Something is wrong with focus this video, hurts eyes to look at face cam from time to time.

  13. I didn't realize ypur 1st video was 11 months ago. This channel launched during a pandemic year

  14. These videos are like bite-sized information bits and they're super easy to digest and put into practice. Can't wait for more.

  15. really thankful for these videos, been trying to get better at chess and this just might help, thanks

  16. The bad king was the problem and should always be a signal

  17. This kind of distilled knowledge that points at the root causes of chess skill is exactly what many other teachers are failing to bring to the audience and i'm extremely grateful to you for gifting out this kind of opportunities. Cheers, and thanks

  18. Just wanted to say thanks for your teachings Daniel. I started playing chess again because I saw you teaching Charlie and now I'm getting better every day. You're a fantastic teacher in my opinion.

  19. i want more more more more moooorrreee this kind or videos

  20. this makes me happy. good videos, keep making them

  21. You forgot tell us how magnus could stop you from check mating him in the previous video.

  22. I was ready for some advanced stuff I would pretend to understand, but this was actually really clear cut and well presented

  23. Damn my tactic radar is open today, i instantly saw that Ne7 move

  24. The video was great theres not much criticism to give from my point of view

  25. Hi Danya, great to see this YT series from you. The only thing I missed here was a 1080p (maybe even 4k, why not?) resolution. Many people, like me, watch YouTube on a big 4k screen and 720p looks a bit iffy. Anyway, I really appreciate the work you're doing. Keep it up!

  26. Love these types of videos man but you talk sooooo slow. Love you and your content but 1.5x is key.

  27. Odd question:

    What keyboard are you using? The sound of your typing sounds really nice and I’m curious

  28. a question that i have is that i can solve 2100 rated tactics on lichess and 2k rated tactics on chess. com. but why cant i employ them in real game specially blitz? how many tactics are there on average in a game (if your opponents rating is around yours). if no one tells me that there is a combination i would play strategic moves like improving my pieces.

  29. watching ur videos and hikaru has got me to get to 1000 in blitz woot

  30. Really enjoyed the video! Very informative and well explained. Great work and I’m excited for the next one.

  31. Love this content Daniel, happy to see you grow your YouTube presence!

  32. Super useful both in terms of detecting tactics being against you, and uncovering your own secret weapons. I recently lost an endgame with bishop vs. knight – later found out I missed the chance to trap the knight with just my king and bishop! Awesome content Daniel, keep 'em coming!

  33. I didn't see the move Knight to e7 but I saw: Rh4+, Kg8 and Rh7 and we are winning the Bishop? If the Bishop moves away it would be winning for white after Ne7+, RxNe7 and RxRe7 and white would definitely win with his past pawn. Am I right?

  34. Спасибо за контент, я в английском где-то на уровне intermediate – upper intermediate, так что помимо шахмат учу новые слова). Продолжай в том же духе, очень интересно

  35. Danie can u plz number the videos and 1,2..etc. it will be much better to follow. If one misses one

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