The most important PAWN ENDGAME



  1. Why is it written that it's black to play ? XD

  2. I was once in this position, didn't make it out alive, such a close game.

  3. I remember studying this with my chess mentor! Either side can win, it just depends on who's turn it is.

  4. Very very very good lesson for any chess player

  5. After g6, hxg6 you can take back with the f5 pawn and still win

  6. I was also in this position in a blitz game. So I couldn't find the right move and lost it

  7. ive gotten that position before but i was black and i was against stockfish 6 he managed to draw cause i got too distracted and made a queen but his king was in right to position to give repetition with multiple checks, i was mindblowned

  8. This is a very simple endgame situation anyone above 900 should know

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