The Outflanking TRICK To Win Rook Endgames

The Outflanking TRICK To Win Rook Endgames

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  1. You overestimate my ability to even get this type of situation in chess match

  2. After we block the king he pushes and till pawn (forgot notations💀)we can pin the pawn😊

  3. Instructions unclear. Blunders stalemate with rook.

  4. Brooooooo❤ so many brilliant moves.
    I never made 1 in my whole life and you made it in one game. 🎉 🎉 Congrats.❤

  5. Apart from the fact that it's a tie anyway you can't checkmate with 1 rook

  6. arent brilliant moves sacrifices????i aint see no sacrifice

  7. literally stalemate or stalemate i guess

  8. After the pawn pushes in the first part of the video just don't move unless its on the last square and the thing wouldn't be able to do anything.. 🗿

  9. İ was pretty mutch waiting him to sacrifice … THE ROOOOOOOOOKKKKKKK !!!

  10. İ thought he was gonna say we sacrifice the King im so bad bro

  11. bro if I were the black I would never push my pawn without my king protecting it

  12. There are many winning lines here. Rook to h1 and king to c7 are both winning the game as well

  13. just ignore that black could have pushed his king

  14. Is that really a brilliant move though??

  15. "The pawn is lost and the game" PROCEEDS TO STALEMATE WITH A KING AND ROOK

  16. Ah yes, Kc6 is a brilliant move. The engine totally says this on the analysis (not).

  17. Nice tricks only a 1/ 1b+ chance to get it

  18. Honestly im bad at endgames and dont remember stiff like this so id take the pawn so king takes eook so it becomes a draw 😂

  19. what if the rook pins the pawn in the first example?

  20. It’s funny how easy these puzzles are becoming because a lot of them use da rukh sacrifice and other sensible moves

  21. When you realize we were actually playing for White

  22. The fact white played 3 brilliant moves in a row

  23. cant believe i solved this as soon i saw the board

  24. What happens after we cut off the king once we don't try to cut off the pawn as it can't progress otherwise we will always be able to stop and kill it and we just bring the king

  25. What if instead of c2 they bring the king? Can you give the line

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