The Philidor’s Position | Queen vs Rook Endgame


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  2. This is my time to get pinned as you said earlier

  3. After Qe8, can black just move h6? Aand if Qh8+ black can just do rh7?

  4. the rook comes down to remove the check from the king and you don't miss him… but no, you still win thanks

  5. But what about Kh6 instead of moving the rook?

  6. Is actually possible to force black to end up in this position or should we just pray ? 😂

  7. My rating is 2000 and i didn't know this. Thanks Zach, this video is useful (as always 😁)

  8. Did anyone notice that he did two move in one turn

  9. the question still remain how did he move the queen twice in 1 move

  10. Did anyone even notice he played 2 moves without black playing any one time

  11. Bro done 2 moves at the same time with the queen

  12. Dont need all of that fancy stuff when you cant even win

  13. I'm pretty sure the room was hanging twice before that last move

  14. damn ive been playing since 2 years (im 1580 rapid) but never knew thhis

  15. Why is the rook move forced cant he move his king to h6?

  16. Brooo if I saw it yesterday I would not have drawn my game 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. Yes fork teh rook in 7 moves overlooking mates in 1

  18. After the triangle, why does black need to move the rook instead of moving the king to H6?

  19. bro i got so confused when he turned the corner but he really just went diagonal

  20. Queen f7 pin the rook King h8 queen g7 checkmate same with the king going to f8 queen takes g7 checkmate.

  21. Also who said the rook had to go to the edge of the board

  22. Why does it force a rook move? Cant the black king go to h6?

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