The Problem With And Its AI Bots

New AI bots have taken over the YouTube and social media, but there is one huge issue with that… @chess we need to have a serious conversation. Please watch the video till the end and let me know in the comments if you agree with me.
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00:00 Chess AI Bots
01:05 Andrea vs Mittens
05:30 Crucial Moment In The Game
10:10 Post-Game Analysis


  1. i just saw gotham chess post a video about 600 rated game and then it was the same postion. starting from 2:20 i think

  2. Very honourable of you to lose on purpose versus Mittens … i mean … look at his face, LOOK AT HIS FACE!

  3. 1801 😂 also the loudest person on Twitch 😭💀

  4. Gotham is the damn best cc
    yall dont stand a chance no diss

  5. I don't get nothing from playing bots. waste of time I would rather be collecting souls

  6. I’m not a master at chess but I was thinking, why not go RF1? 6:38

    Edit : 7:20 about why didn’t Botez think of running to left with her king?

  7. Megan Fox? Chess is for people who want power.

  8. Government take leaving voids you trade the how balance and compromise works kinda hot lol 😆

  9. You have good balance how is your decision making?

  10. Do you always or selective on taking what is given? Indoctrination? Teaching is that in every way. If you are American where Hitler was taught

  11. the longest I have lasted is 61 moves. I average 26 though sadly.

  12. I know no one will see this, but 1:38 Andrea says “kingside castle” then does queenside.

  13. I can easily survive against mittens as long as I want just without my King on the board

  14. I started playing chess like a week ago. I’m rated at 295 currently, I’ve been going up to 375..most I’ve been rated was 399 but then I got on a lose streak…bringing me down to 295. I had the idea of trying bots and I completely destroyed the ones rated between 700-900..then I tried your bot rated at 1800 and I completely annihilated 😂

  15. I'm not even 500 rated, been learning from scratch for about 2 months, but I'm up to the 1200 bot. I don't get that. Are they just too rigid in how they're set up to play a certain way?

    The South African one tries to throw his Queen at you always, others play their own ways too. When does this end? I'm guessing the Hikaru one is fully dynamic and mostly Best Move CPU based?

  16. I can't be the only one who noticed lud in mittens' pfp when she said the plan is very simple

  17. Yoo that was a very bad game. You played really bad..😂😂 (I'm so sorry and love yaa always)

  18. Crazy how i’m only rated 1600 and survived longer against mittens and actually got a draw😂

  19. rewatched this 2 months later , and i just noticed 9:38 mittens pfp lol

  20. This channel is really becoming nothing but whining, crying and complaining about everything

  21. i resubscribed i cant stop watfching the younger sister fk

  22. I just noticed that mittens is rated 1

  23. its so weird how when a piece is pinned your king cannot go where that piece normally attacks

  24. Everything… its okay with Andrea!
    God bless you Andrea.

  25. Your voice is painfull

    And honestly if your a "bot" in this chess app im forever deleteing it

  26. Yo the bot is a W I played a bot and lose my Queen for nothing and he said, is that a Botez gambit

  27. Mistake you said kingside castle not queenside

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