The Problem With And Its AI Bots

New AI bots have taken over the YouTube and social media, but there is one huge issue with that… @chess we need to have a serious conversation. Please watch the video till the end and let me know in the comments if you agree with me.
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00:00 Chess AI Bots
01:05 Andrea vs Mittens
05:30 Crucial Moment In The Game
10:10 Post-Game Analysis


  1. This is the equivalent of Tekken 8's ghost mode

  2. Computer ratings are totally misleading, they see the whole board, they never tunnel, they never miss a tactic. And if you somehow manage to come out of the opening or an exchange just a little up in the eval; they switch gears to IM mode on defense. I honestly think they are great for study, like endgames, but over all, I think playing them is bad for your chess.

  3. Lmfao😂 you demand justice!!!

  4. I’m a 300 elo player and beat your bot 🥳🍀 But your bot said it’s just because the Chat 😄

  5. oh i just fell in love ♥♥ IM YOUR NEWST FAN 🙂 your so Pretty and and in same time sounds super smart! 😀 makes it cute and fun to watch 🙂 have a good day ill look up Ur other videos now ☺

  6. There's definitely nothing wrong with me lady, Hehehe 😸

  7. I have a proposition simliar to a proposal. IF I beat you best out of three; I get to marry and impregnate you. Dragging you off to the mountains off west virginia to start a family and relaxed way of living. I'm financially stable and own a business….. LET'S DO IT. lets goooooooooooooo ……..

  8. I will never let my mortal enemy Mittens defeat me

  9. You’re actually super beautiful yo

  10. Oh my fucking god i love this girl is so beautiful

  11. I love playing the kings indian. I learned it watching the Bobby Fischer vs the Chilean champion guy. I also want to be better with the London for when I'm playing as white but I don't think I execute it properly once I push the bishop. But hearing you think through every move definitely helps thank you!

  12. I could tell Andrea was already flustered by Mittens when she said Kingside Castle 🤦‍♂

  13. chesscom looking at this match like questioning what they should now do with your bot lol.

  14. My main takeaway playing mittens is that I should take at least as long to consider my moves as the computer that takes 5 seconds to view and calculate infinite probabilities

  15. This is the first time I felt exhausted after watching a youtube. I need to go and meditate now. . .

  16. My problem with bots is the fact that the play amazing moves and then blunder 3 pieces. I've had games against the 1k rated bot where I push a pawn the entire length of the board and pick up 15+ points of material

  17. Even hikaru was also shoked from this kitten

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