The secrets of queen versus rook endgame

Let’s imagine a scenario where you are left with a queen on the board against your opponent’s rook. You have very little time left on the clock. Would you be confident of winning the endgame? Well, if you are not, then this video is for you. Don’t miss out the instructive content – first the Divya Deshmukh vs Shantanu Bhambure endgame, and then IM Sagar Shah explains you intricacies of this not so simple endgame!

Video: Sagar Shah

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  1. on 7:45 Is'nt Rc3 the correct move because for Kd3 Rd2 you can go KC3 and Kb3??? @Chessbase India

  2. Thanks sagar. Hope to see more such instructive videos

  3. pandolfini's endgame course covers this ending quite thoroughly. the general winning method begins with winning the rook through a series of must know checks. bravo for a great defense.

  4. There is no forcing move except last two moves.
    Why defence king plays Kc1 to avoid queen's maneuver.

  5. Very Instructive & useful one..for any level of player..Kudos!!!

  6. This is trivial but instructive lol Thank you!

  7. Such endgame positions along with instructive analysis are very useful and knowledgeable

  8. Mad rook made me mad😂😂😱😱😱😮👌👌………

  9. Why people become doctors. So they can have best of both worlds retirement money and the young earning support money.

  10. Hello Sagar I know this already,but forgot, because I didn't practice long enough.

    Hats off to U for using words like military and air force to make it simple. that surely will help us remember better.
    Why dont you make endgame series like this one for less than( rating )1800 players who are large in numbers, need some help. Just a thought 🙂

  11. really?!
    at 1234… can't queen take rook guys

  12. A grand master blundered a whole rook against me 40 years ago in a blitz game. Thrilled at the prospect of such a huge scalp I wildly exchanged pieces and pawns but when the dust settled then hit a Queen vs Rook ending like the above but I didn’t know how to win and fell into a stalemate trap. That memory still hurts.

  13. How to break 3rd rank defense? So called toughest defense

  14. can anyone tell me in india how i play chess competitons

  15. i once failed to win with queen in blitz in a similiar game and ran out of time and lost the match,, nice video

  16. Please make a video on queen vs rook endgame from beginning. Not only the philidor position

  17. at 8:43 kd2 to try to get a third rank defence would have been much more stubborn for the defence. It requires the attacker to actually know some specific move to break it. there were plenty of mistakes by the player with the queen but thats because this endgame is really tough for the attacker

  18. 13:52 I recommend Qd4+, win faster than zic-zac check.

  19. Excellent video. Too many people assume this is easy. It isn't! My Chess Variant software with the computer playing both sides found the win… In 38 moves! If you are short on time, that is difficult.

  20. This video doesn't show how to get the King to the back rank. He can't be checkmated until he gets there.

  21. ohh!! thank you SAGAR ji . just won queen vs rook somehow bringing king closer. this analogy of using queen as air force is nice. i did not know about that mad rook concept and forced stalemates before. THANK you sir.

  22. Wonderful. Trying to suss this out. Best vid I've come across so far.

  23. Sagar sir so nice explained… Ur voice is very nice… I have become ur fan….

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