The secrets of queen versus rook endgame

Let’s imagine a scenario where you are left with a queen on the board against your opponent’s rook. You have very little time left on the clock. Would you be confident of winning the endgame? Well, if you are not, then this video is for you. Don’t miss out the instructive content – first the Divya Deshmukh vs Shantanu Bhambure endgame, and then IM Sagar Shah explains you intricacies of this not so simple endgame!

Video: Sagar Shah

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  1. The problem with this endgame is that, it is very hard to achieve the winning position here. I can win starting from that "winning" position, but I don't know how to force my opponent into reaching it.

  2. Thanks alot sir , just had this endgame yesterday and somehow I won but I wanted to know this endgame and this vid came at the perfect time , thanks alot.

  3. on 7:45 Is'nt Rc3 the correct move because for Kd3 Rd2 you can go KC3 and Kb3??? @Chessbase India

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