The two tricky pawn endgames from Mark Dvoretsky!

Many people find that studying endgames is quite boring. They also feel that endgame means less calculation and more intuition and knowledge. Well, in this video IM Sagar Shah brings you two pawn endgames which are completely based on calculation. These two positions have been taken from the Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual. If you enjoy the content and learn something from it, do like the video and let us know in the comments section below.

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Video: Sagar Shah

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  1. I was studying this position, I noticed that if you play f4 move 1 the winning move for white is not to give a check and then to place the rook on c5: White has to play Rd5! If 1…f4; 2.Rc2+ Kxd2; 3.Rc5 Rg8; Ke3 black can play Re8+ [computers give Kd6 as a draw, too] and be equal (white King should not be able to trespass into black's territory).

  2. Hi Sagar, very clear and instructive for a noob like me! We need you to do video & coach us through the entire Dvoretsky book. It's far too advanced!

  3. Sir can you do English opening part-2🙏🙏

  4. Will you please do the part of SAGAR SHAH'S ENGLISH LOVE 2 ?

  5. Queen can go straight to the
    Kings. Bro Ian Ho

  6. sir great deepened my love for chess and chess endgames
    and sir plz can you do more sicilian kan?

  7. Have you checked out the introduction of Maneuvering The Art of Piece Play yet?

  8. Great sir!!
    I wanted to ask do you have all editions of this endgame manual
    The book you showed in your video is 4th edition
    please tell me that also that how many editions are there in it

  9. Sagar sir ,it is super video. do endgame studies video every day please.

  10. It’s worth mentioning that this book is now available on Chessable and its wonderful to work through on Chessable !

  11. In the second position, After 1… Tg4 2. Txg4 hxg4 3. Kg2 g5! 4. h5 Kg7 5. Kg3 Kh7! 6. Kxg4 Kh6 7. a4 a5 8.e4 e5, Sagar stops the variation, but ir should continue: 9. Kf5 Kxh5 10. Kf5 g4 11. Kf4 Kh4 12.e5 g3 13.e6 g2 14.e7 g1Q 15.e8Q Qf1+! 16. Ke5 ( or e3 or e4) Qe1+ and Black wins White queen and the game. If you guys find any mistakes, Wright down my comment.

  12. There is a confusion, on Amazon some customers have reviewed that The 4th edition , the blue text is not visible. Can you clarify how the page looks like and is the blue text distinguishable ? A photo perhaps of a page. Kindly reply as soon as you can.

  13. You explained very very very very very very well
    Please make a series on catalan

  14. Thanking you because you explained each and every move and variation

  15. 3:34 It's easy to see I see this variation it's winning for white

  16. I live in pakistan and watch ur channal and like it and how can I get these books

  17. I guess no one bothered to check the "bad position" for black in the first study with an engine. After Ke2, the king can't make it up the board without white losing a3. For example: 1. … f4 2. Rc2+ Kxd7 3. Rc5 Rg8 4. Ke2 Re8+ 5. Kd3 Re3+ 6. Kd4 Rxa3 7. Rxg5 =/=

    Both 1 … f4 and 1… Rd7 are equally fine and lead to draws.

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