thechessnerd gets IRRITATED at opponent in pawn endgame


  1. Are there mods to change like what the board looks like snd all the peices

  2. Me a 478 elo who cant see draws, so I continue playing:

  3. Hey didn’t know how to face ur king like a man

  4. can you show me how to checkmate using king and rook?
    I draw a few games that I should win…😪

  5. how can someone at that rating mess that up

  6. Me in this situation: Constantly offering draws

  7. Black shoulda won, there’s a way to force that pawn down the board. He’s just not great at that endgame tho which is understandable. It’s kinda wierd

  8. You look like the guy who committed the idaho murders lmao

  9. Bro should have just used opposition… or tried…

  10. Dude pushed his black pawn as if he DID NOT have a minute left. He's clearly familiar with the king to king and one draw with that kind of movement and he still blew it

  11. I would just run around the pawn till ur 30 seconds ran out

  12. Its a clear drawn but at the same time, if I am as stupid to get no pieces I surrend just like for respect to my opponent, its super gay to play drawn when you are stupid enough to lose all your pieces

  13. I mean, you have to know the endgame to defend. The opponent was up in time and a pawn while being willing to waste a minute to possibly win. You made a mistake somewhere. How can anyone get annoyed at someone trying to capitalize on their mistake?

  14. Black have no idea how to win. Its called opposition. And its kinda zugzwang thing.

  15. The worst part is that he wouldve won by time

  16. Its a winning end game for the guy with pawn, as far as I know

  17. You easily couldve moved ur king under the pawn while black king was on H5

  18. these the type of people who resign when being mated

  19. This is why I quit this game. None of you nerds have any lives. Keep on wasting time on a game that has no direct benefit to any of yall lives. Since I've quit i directed that time to the gym, learned boxing, learned some coding, and I'm moving up in the world. Chess is an even more waste of time than video games. Real talk.

  20. You would literally be doing the same thing then laughing like a hyena if and when they blundered the draw.

  21. Trying to run the clock in a drawing endgame at this level is mad disrespect

  22. I want to lose 2 pounds in one king this might happen

  23. 400s in the comments saying your opponent was right for this. Playing this on is simply a dick move at any rating beyond 1800chesscom.

  24. wait is this a forced draw? i thought a pawn endgame was a win as long as its not a rook pawn

  25. wait is this a forced draw? i thought a pawn endgame was a win as long as its not a rook pawn

  26. This happened to me in a tournament and I ended up accidentally moving the king on wrong square and losing

  27. The opponent should wait until your time finsh

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