thechessnerd gets IRRITATED at opponent in pawn endgame


  1. Shouldn't you be on the side of the pawn rather than back

  2. Bro from where have you learnt chess? Please tell, I am stuck at 1100.

  3. the way to always draw this is to always go straight back when you have to after he goes forward with his king you just do oppposition and he has to go back or push the pawn

  4. just a white guy with a rocket launcher says:

    Wasted your time and his

  5. Bruh, there is nothing more annoying then people who play often after it is clearly drawn or clearly lost

    Edit:I feel like I’m getting a lot of backlash from people so here. Not resigning in games is a show of pettiness and disrespect. It’s saying you can’t win/draw this endgame. Not to mention, if you’re just hoping your opponent is making a mistake to not win a clear winning endgame. Then isn’t that a false rating? You’re not actually good, you’re just hoping on luck for a strategy game..

  6. Guy with pawn would win eventually, and gets mad he wants his win lol pathetic

  7. always touch then pawn from down
    if you can't touch the pawn, goes down
    if you can't go down, go to his king side(at the end)

  8. He was right playing on tho. Black didnt really know this endgame and did mistakes that would have lost if the pawn was further down the board

  9. come on Zach don't be like those ladies who feel offended when people ask their weight.

    there's nothing wrong with playing known endgames

  10. I’m surprised your opponent didn’t keep trying until the 50 move rule or threefold happened

  11. as Ben Finegold would say: showing the proper disrespect.
    i mean i wouldnt resign either, people resign so much that you rarely get this position and under time panic an opponent might make a mistake, so you never know

  12. As you can see, he is Canadian. They hardly show irritation. 😉

  13. Opponent is right to try this as it was kindda clear that he had to calculate all of this and had not much time left. In more complicated to hold draws even gms continue to play to try for wins even tho here its kind off too easy to hold to even make sence to continue.

  14. You can premove this end game tho without any worries

  15. Very relatable the opponent just trying to annoy and waste your time for no reason. It happen with me many times😗😗

  16. He couldve flagged him if he just kept going

  17. I beat a guy by a decent bit so instead of getting the checkmate I advanced all my pawns, instead of resigning he just waited the remaining 2:30 mins

  18. At first I thought he gonna blunder this endgame

  19. This is already draw right in the beginning

  20. I hate when people make me think to get a draw it's really annoying

  21. The waffle house has found its new host

  22. You had to calculate at the end , which means you don’t know them by heart and could make a mistake

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