Theoretical Chess Queen and Pawn Endgames 1


  1. प्यादे ने क्वीन को क्यों नहीं खाया???

  2. Queen chak 2nd time n lost queen for pon capture
    Why not capture queen for check 2nd time for Black pon

  3. There's a mistake in one step , where pawn gets access to queen

  4. Can't?
    Move it to make a queen exchange it and offer a draw.

  5. 🤣🤣🤣black move
    … kc1 Qc3+ Kd1 Ke6 dxc3 (queen ⚰️)

  6. Many chances for pawan to kill the Queen why will they just move the king?

  7. When queen checked the king's on the c3 the pawn can take the queen in state of king go to D1and white will lose the queen and the game after few seconds

  8. That queen in C3 and end game with the pawn 🤔

  9. I think it could have been quicker. When the queen forced the black king to go left, if the queen stays there, black king cannot go back to defend the pawn, and so white king can take the pawn.

  10. I know it while i was about 15 years old 😅 , but it was amazing discovery that moment ♥️

  11. I think the black ,could eat the quin for 2 times 🙄🙄

  12. If I were black I will promote the pawn even if I lose it as long as it trades the white queen. Stale mate better than losing

  13. Why the pawn cannot kill the queen here

  14. You can beat queen with soldier in the step

  15. Black pawn call take white Queen so dumb game play

  16. When the queen is in c3 black pawn can take queen

  17. When queen comes cross to soldier, he should cut the queen bro not run like u did in the video

  18. why doesn't the pawn take the queen when she's on a square it can attack?

  19. I once imagined this position and thought it's a draw no matter what, no I know it's actually winnable thanks

  20. I'm Lossing my mind on that sequence 🤣🤭

  21. why cant he capture the queen with the pawn?

  22. You can leave it to me with 2 bishops and one potentially promoted pawn and rook to make it a stalemate against only one king with literally nothing else.

  23. If the pawn is on the a,c,d,f,h line its still a draw

  24. It can only a draw never a checkmate minute repeat the moves

  25. It's easy to understand, it's one of the few loophole in chess :/ and probably one of the reasons why white is more preferable in chess…

  26. Somewhere at the end you missed a play , the pawn could take Queen instead of the king hide behind the pawn

  27. But bc you're 600 elo you'll make 50 moves without capture and end up in a draw

  28. It took 41 moves to capture the pawn. If he was 9 moves late it would've been a draw.

  29. I dont really understand, can someone explain me why black pawn take queen is not an option here?

  30. The thing is that using the queen you could have trapped the king and made it unable to help the pawn

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