This Endgame is CHESS HISTORY

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  1. Why wouldn't you just make a queen and do the exact same thing you did with the rook? Makes no sense

  2. ruy lopez was also a spanish priest i think.. the moment i saw spanish pries that's the first thing came in to fckn mind

  3. instead of moving ra2 black should have moved rook to other columns of 4 so that he can avoid checkmate

  4. I hate these puzzles. Like how tf is the black king where the white took starts

  5. That music felt like this was some epic fantasy battle😂

  6. Bro may Was a priest but had some discussions with devil to find this line

  7. Wow, what a cool puzzle, and I like how enthusiastic you were lol

  8. For those who don't know, Saavedra composed this ending as a "White starts and forces a draw"!!!
    As you can see in the video after promoting a queen, and… setelmate.

    Only years later, one of the solvers decided to check what would happen if white promotes a rook.
    He couldn't believe his eyes. 😮
    This is a WIN for white!!
    For years no one checked this option, assuming that a rook vs. rook ending was definitely a draw, but it turned out to be a win for white.
    If not this amazing story behind the problem, it is doubtful whether this problem would have received global publicity and someone would have remembered it to this day…
    Miracles happen.

  9. Is this just clickbait? If you make it a queen it still acts as a rook…. why would the person play differently from promotion to rook than queen. Stupid.

  10. I have a trick by which black xan win he can simply move the rook to all over D2 and when the queen or any piece is promoted the rook can check the king by coming to B2 and the king cant ko go to C file as then the rook will pin the king to theq queen and if the king goes to A file we will simply take our rook to A2 and the king cant kill the rook as it is protected by the black king and so the game will ultimately lead to draw or blacks win

  11. He looks like he’s still a virgin 💀

  12. You can do the exact same with a queen. Queen and Rook here have the same function, but for some reason its assumed making a queen will turn you 50 iq dumber and get into a draw

  13. i know this endgame from a lesson with my teacher. i still react to it the same as back then

  14. I have another idea which I cant seem to see the fault in. What about after pawn to C7, Rd2. Let them make a queen. You keep checking.

  15. I don’t get how a rook acts differently than a queen

  16. Saavedra wasn't actually spanish
    He was born in what today we call bolivia, if we are talking about the same Saavedra of course

  17. Hahaa I was shown this puzzle while playing a few games with a chess club. It confused the hell out of me because of the repetition. I completely forgot you could underpromote

  18. BELIEVE ME OR NOT but your thought was to take the rook with pawn

  19. I hope one day someone watches a short about a puzzle I created in 2023…… now I have 5 months to make a puzzle 😂

  20. Why is the rook mate different that if the queen was there in the same position?

  21. How the hell is king from here to there

  22. Worked really well with Claire de lune

  23. I'm still confused why u can't turn ur pawn into a rooke

  24. Claire de lune 😙👌
    Always reminds me of tobey maguire's spiderman's theme song

  25. My end game is pretty decent for my rating, middle game for sure needs work

  26. That Spanish priest got this directly from God

  27. No way people actually think promoting to a rook makes a difference 😂

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