This Rook Endgame Even Grandmasters Mess Up | Chess Endgame Basics #9

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We continue with our discussion of rook endgames! This time, the defender is in difficulties as the attacker has his pawn advanced to the 6th rank and the king in front of it to defend it. The defender needs to stop the attacker from reaching the won Lucena position (discussed in the previous video). To do this, the defender’s rook needs to be as far away from the attacker’s king as possible, but at least three files need to be between them. This is necessary to give annoying checks from the side. This is one of the more difficult endgames we look at in this series, so please let me know if you have any questions!

Here I cover the Lucena position and how one wins it:

And here’s a video about the Philidor Defense, one of the most important endgame positions:

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  1. Move the position one to the left, and white wins?

  2. Schon der Titel lässt mich hoffen dass ich die Stellung niemals als Verteidiger haben möchte 😂

  3. at 3:07 i don't think black can take the pawn…because after kd8 – Rxe7, Rf1+ black loses the rook and the game…so black should give checks with Ra8+ or Ra6+ and force a perpetual or should only take the pawn with his king and not rook if possible…

  4. Endgame basics?! No so simple in fact. Great one to practice against the computer and a fine tutorial here. Keep these and the opening videos coming.

  5. GM Huschenbeth, thank you so much for these outstanding videos! I have a question: you define proper checking distances as at least 3 files between the defending rook and attacking king. I thought it was 3 files between the defending rook and the pawn (not the king). Am I mistaken? Thank you!

  6. Need more of this complex rook endgames….

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