Top 5 Chess Books for Intermediate Players (1200-1800 ELO)

I hope this video helps you – these books are my personal recommendations for chess players rated 1200-1800!

Have an amazing day! – ❤️

Drop in the comments which books helped you improve!!

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  1. The Books!- The Woodpecker Method, Alex Smith / Hans Tikkanen- How to Reassess your Chess, Jeremy Silman- The 100 Endgames you must know, De la villa- Choose a book, to model yourself after your favorite chess player (His example: Vassily Ivanchuk)- Zurich International Chess Tournament 1993, David Bronstein- Curacao 1961, Jan Timman- 4th Candidates Tournament 1959, Bled-Zagreb-Belgrade, Harry GolombekHope this helps!

  2. How to reassess your chess is a must have book

  3. Hot take: 100 endgames you must know is impractical if you’re under 2000. It’s too many endgames and they don’t come up that often

  4. the woodpecker method – title of my sex tape

  5. What is your fide rating? Are you an advanced or master?

  6. I really enjoy Anatoly Karpov’s style

  7. Great video! What's your take on Tal's books? I having so much fun reading "Life & games of Tal" even if is above my level (900 elo). I intend to revisit after climb the ladder to check if I can grasp more of it.

  8. If u could suggest books to reach 2000 elo it would be a great help! . But tq so much for this vedio too.

  9. Magnus Carlsen is my favourite player ❤️

  10. I can beat 1200 bot, does that mean in 1200?
    I'm 640 rapid

  11. Thanks for these recommendations :D, can you also please suggest me some good opening books??

  12. Hey can you please suggest a book of the style of Tal? Thank you in advance bro and even for creating this video 😊

  13. I gotta get it, started playing chess regular again, stuck on elo 1600… thanks !

  14. I really love Positional play and Capablanca, any recommendations?

  15. Because of you i have improved my chess from intermediate level, A BIG THANKS!!!!!
    can you now make a video on chess books for advanced players ( like 1800+)
    I am sure you will take my chess to the next level by making more of this kind of content which is rarely seen on youtube or elsewhere (like book recommendations and all)

  16. After some brief research, I’m thinking of reading the books by Judit Polgar (I found two). I can’t really find any other books by female chess players so if you have any recommendations let me know! ❤

  17. Is there a book to learn how to play like emory tate? Please anyone help. Thank you kindly❤

  18. My favorite chess players are Anatoly Karpov, Jose Raul Capablanca, and Bobby Fischer.

  19. Your beginner books sent me from a 500 to a 1550 with help from videos too, so I hope these can help send me to my lifetime goal of 2300

  20. I find that some of my gameplay falls into a mix of Mikhail Chigorin's style of play.

  21. Thanks for putting this up chess nerd, yes it was very helpful. I like the way you said to pick a favorite player for a first games collection. Most people recommend the Fischer 60, but I'm glad you pointed out that there are many other options of course. I would add an endgame book, that is also highly esteemed: The Smyslov/Levenfish Rook Endgames. And, there is another book I have found useful: "How to Study Chess On Your Own" by Kuljasevic. There are also lots of video courses out there and standalone training software, I have heard of a few of those and used some of the older ones: Fritz, Chessmaster, J-Chess. A good intro puzzle book, very helpful was "1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners" by Masetti and Messa. The Chess Steps series is also very good, more geared toward kids but helpful for anyone.

  22. my favorite chess players are Magnus and hikaru
    what books should I get?

  23. I know I am not nearly as good as chessnerd but I also like the book called Under the Surface by Jan Markos to help with calculation.

  24. I put a thumbs up before seeing the entire video, just for the poster behind you, forza Juvee

  25. So ahm….. I got into 1200 a week ago and now stuck in 1180-1250 loop. should i consider the begineer list or this one

  26. I like Fischer because his games are spectacular and he always played for a win, even if he was lost, the games are exciting to watch, but my opening repertoire is completely different (I play d4 and as black I normally play the French or some hyper modern stuff). I’ve only been playing chess for 6.5 months so I don’t really know of a player that has a d4 repertoire and is very tactical and aggressive, can you think of one and a book about their games please?

    I’ve been playing lichess and my rating tanked at first and I was climbing but I now appear to be stuck at 1490. It’s so annoying. I’ve been playing against someone who is almost a NM at my school chess club (his FIDE is around 1950 but his ECF (English chess federation) rating is around 2250, which is much more up to date because he plays ECF more but has only played FIDE games a few times in 10 years. I sometimes survive over 70 moves against him because I am ok at finding intermediate tactics to save me for a bit longer, and my opening is really good, but somewhere in the middle game, I mess up really bad and I end up in a loosing position by move 30, which I can hold for a while, but against a strong player is basically unwinable so if I can get my tactics to an advanced level by looking at GM games and the woodpecker method and improve my mid game, I could maybe beat him.

  27. Is it okay to read a book online or I need to have it ?

  28. what would be the variety book for mikhail tal???

  29. I love watching Dubov play, but I am not sure if he has a book

  30. Which chess player is best in hypermodern play styles? And do they have a book for their style?

  31. awesome books!
    any idea where I can find that ivanchuk book at a reasonable price? been looking for a.copy for a while but I think it has been out of print for over a decade 😕.and is very difficult to get my hands actual physical copy.

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