Top 5 Chess Endgames || Played by Carlsen, Anand & Keymer at GRENKE Chess

Enjoy the most exciting chess endgames played by Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand, Vincent Keymer and a lot more!

0:00 – Chess Intro
0:26 – Vincent Keymer vs Magnus Carlsen
02:51 – Vincent Keymer vs Georg Meier
06:52 Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand
11:42 – Magnus Carlsen vs Arkadij Naiditsch
15:50 – Paco Vallejo vs Magnus Carlsen

Thank you Agadmators chess channel for your fresh analysis of the Vallejo vs Carlsen endgame:

The top 5 chess endgames of the last years of GRENKE Chess are arranged this video compilation. From the epic first match between Keymer and Carlsen, the legendary world champion battle between Anand and Carlsen to the tough endgame of Vallejo against the world chess champion. In addition a rare double queen endgame between Meier and Keymer as well as an insightful rook endgame of Naiditsch is included.

In addition, there is a nice 100 endgame test video with Magnus Carlsen on YouTube:



  1. Do you appreciate the synchronized 2D chess boards in the video?

  2. I thought they put pictures of former world champion on the wall at first haha

  3. BGM could have been some thing soothing , not this thriller movie BGM..

  4. the board is awesome thank u for this perfectly placed 🙂

  5. Very engaging video. Good job

  6. 8:05 If carlsen move his bishop to c7 then carlsen should have won that game even after the game Anad show his finger to c7 square to carlsen if he move there then after anad move then carlsen move his bishop to b6 then Q to c7 is checkmate the king cant move so that check mate cant be stopped anyway. I dont know why magnus dont see that. ( sorry if wrong eng ) hope u guys underatand 🙂

  7. Paco Vallego is a very bad loser, more than 2 min to resign a obvious mate even i with my 400 rating see right away, what a scrub…

  8. I like there music they put on this video

  9. Carlsen involved again, maestro in the endgame

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