Top Four Instructive Rook Endgames Everyone Should Know

IM Kostya Kavutskiy shares four of the most instructive rook endgames everyone should know.

0:00 Intro
1:13 Game 1: Marshall – Chigorin
7:13 Game 2: Capablanca – Tartakower
11:44 Game 3: Botvinnik – Boleslavsky
20:39 Game 4: Rubinstein – Salwe


Theoretical Endgames Video:

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  1. It all makes sense! You guys have taught me the value of studying games

  2. the link to the games doesn't work for me, it loads the landing page of instead. any idea why that might be?

  3. Good endgame selections and important points covered. 👍

  4. Great video that was instructive indeed even for 2100/2200 Player!!

  5. Nice to see it is not just Jesse doing cool endgame videos 😉

  6. One of the best chess videos I've ever seen! In general I think a format like this is a great idea and not that common (unfortunately imho), i.e. covering multiple positions related to one topic/theme, so one can really understand why these standard rules we all know (like 'active king in the endgame' or 'rooks behind passed pawns') are actually standard, therefore also learning what to do in a game AFTER we have followed all those rules…also the chosen examples are very instructive! Thank you so much!

  7. the link in descreption doesnt work please fix it

  8. I absolutely love this video. I believe it's very instructive and it teaches us many techniques for rook endgame.

  9. Oh, this is excellent! Thanks! Not to be greedy, but can you do a "companion" video on pawn endgames (like everyone's favorite Cohn-Rubinstein 1909, for example)? That would be very, very cool.

  10. Thanks yes part two please..this was most instructive

  11. Instructive video.The Capa v Tart is well
    known.However,it's always good to see it again.If you want my pick for the mother of all R&P endgames,it's Alekhine v Capa-
    the World Championship.It's the one out
    of the Carlsbad- the most instructive example on how to play a mismatch that's
    ever been played

  12. Great video : an excellent selection of instructive examples, to the point comments to highlight the general ideas and just the right amount of analysis. Bravo Kostya !

  13. I just read the free chapter and I loved it, looking forward to buying it someday. It is a kind of book one would just love reading even without going through the games with a board or even focus too much on the game.

    Thank you for these book reviews, I love your videos.

    Btw I am just 1600 on Lichess, so not a very high rated player.

  14. Awesome content, chess explained in the truest sense. Thank you

  15. David said I had to watch this, probably my endgames have been painful to watch lol. Very helpful video, thanks Kostya!

  16. Next time Could you please make a vídeo on botez sisters endgames?

  17. Thanks a lot from Russia rook engame)))!

  18. Ugh I'm dropping points in the endgame now. I"m 1400 otb club level but moving up as I was scaled too low it seems. So today I started with the Philidor and Lucena. Pretty easy. But Kling & Horowitz method is far more study (all the angles). I hope I'm doing this correctly. I feel it's easy to overshoot here, but do not know where to stop.

    I feel I have to learn how to prep my position for said techniques instead, instead of exhaustively studying theory. But what material takes me there?

  19. You are good instructor and coach Kostya. Am enjoying your teachings, they are very clear and instructive.

  20. Very good video! Have you got more videos about endgames just like this i.e queen endgame + with lots of pawns or a knight bishop endgame? Many thanks! 🙂 keep up the good work!

  21. This is a great video. If I could make a suggestion I think it would have been even better if you prompted the viewers to find several of the ideas played in the games.

  22. BEHIND the pawn is where you want your rook. You don't want it in front of the pawn.

  23. Extremely fabulous videos.. keep going on .. all of us need that especially in endgame

  24. Amazing endgame by Rubinstein. To a patzer like me it looks like he took quite a risk allowing the passed c-pawn but as you say, he had it all worked out.

  25. super instructive as always. Thanks a lot for providing such high quality videos for free. Just one FEEDBACK- On the Critical moment of the games please ask to PAUSE AND THINK. I think with this approch we can gain more out of every game.

  26. This helped me beat the Penguin at bullet! 👍🏽👏

  27. These are four beautiful endgames with excellent commentary. … Thank you very much, from NM Mike Pastore and the Ithaca Chess Club.

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