Triangulation in Chess


  1. can he ho a7 and then you promoto to qeeun draw you could promoto rook

  2. "Oh, how the turn tables."
    Nice reference to The Office! 😁

  3. He that crusty kid at camp with all the expensive pokemon cards

  4. Sill a draw since the black king can go to a7 stalemate

  5. Can this work on the a or h file when there is one pawn in the position?

  6. Hey I’m a 2000 rated player so we’re kinda similar we should play good job bro

  7. Bro get away from the camera, your scaring me

  8. I have a question what is the name of that background u use for chess

  9. my rating is 2000 blitz (lichess) but I didn't know such a technique. The endgame is a really challenging part of the game. I'm glad you're growing fast, each of your videos is gaining 500k+ views. 🔥

  10. Only problem with the explanation is that following what is said in first part will lead to stalemate after kind a7 but else its a very good clip 🙂

  11. Im sure 99% of viewers would walk into the stalemate that can very easily happen😂

  12. I don't think you can ever get opposition. King moves between c7 and c8. The point of the triangulation is to get Kb6 and win.

  13. Introducing: CIRCULATION

    Run a marathon around the board with your king.

  14. Ka7 and if you promote to queen its stalemate

  15. Basically after the triangle he made its now his turn to move instead of black is what I'm getting from this

  16. My fav chess channel and thank you for showing me that,I would’ve just pushed my king😂

  17. If you queen while the king is on a7 its a draw
    After king a7 you need to play king c6
    Then blacks only move is a8 then you queen black plays king a7 then queen b7 is checkmate

  18. For the first attempt at the triangulation thing,if black goes Ka7 do not promote to a queen because it would be a stalemate, instead promote to a knight to flex

  19. Isn't En Passant possible?
    (Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm only a beginner)

  20. if you just do the move that you did as same as before it should end up as draw

  21. Cant black just always go back to c8 and we never can go next to the pawn bc the opposition right?

  22. Btw, this doesn't work if u have a king vs king and ONE pawn endgame. Triangulation only works of the opposing side has a target like in the video, a singular pawn cannot be promoted successfully with triangulation unless ofc the opponent misplays the endgame

  23. i get irritated when ever this guy starts smiling, horrible

  24. This kinda move will get you killed literally. As In a guy go to your house and kill you

  25. I would have killed the black pawn and push the corner pawn

  26. All fund and games till the king goes to A8 which if you promote to queen you'll get stalemate

  27. well, its not really triangulation, it would be draw if not a5 and a6 pawns.

  28. Why not black to C7 -?… Oh, I got it now…

  29. Ah my favorite phrase “oH hOw tHe tUrn TaBles” 💀

  30. What if black king comes forward when white king goes back in trianglestation

  31. Dude! You have the BEST chess channel hands down !

  32. in this case triangulation only works if your opponent makes a mistake

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