Triangulation in Chess


  1. after the triangulation and Kc5, black can play Kc7.and just use the drawing technique used in "king and pawn vs king" endgame where the pawn is in front of the king.

  2. you actually need to promote to a rook to not stalemate if the king goes to a7

  3. To be honest if my opponent did want to draw in that position then I guess we will

  4. Cant they just mirror your moves? You make a stall move so cant they 2

  5. Pls can you record a video if you have 1 pawn and a king and oponent just a king how do you win plssssss

  6. I’m so shit at chess that I could probably accidentally blunder my king…

  7. After Kd4 Kd8 Kc5
    black should go kc7 instead of kc8
    White has to go kd5 to protect his pawn and then black goes kc8 and you are back to original position. This will be a draw

  8. I would love a video explaining your chess goals, maybe becoming a master someday in the near future?

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