Trick To Win Queen Endgames

Trick To Win Queen Endgames

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  1. I found a forced mate, b3 then qf8 and when the black queen blocks because its forced, its mate

  2. I dont understand why queen d6 i'snt checkmate

  3. I found this but i thought it was wrong ( im 1650 )

  4. "The most powerful weapon in chess is the next move"

  5. I dont think queen b6nis checkmate?black pawn can take the queen?

  6. bro the last move was wrong the qween will be eaten

  7. Why can't he move the pawns up for the replacement

  8. ‹ اٰلـٰ̲ـہرٰاٰفـٰ̲ـہضـٰ̲ـہيـٰ̲ہ³¹³ 🇮🇶 says:

    You can play queen to c3

  9. as someone who saw the possible mate moves before the pawn move I saw the pawn move coming

  10. What if they play Qf5 right away? It will lead to the same ending?

  11. if someone played this in a game against me i’d think wtf and then i’d get up resign and quit chess

  12. qc3 only move qc4 then trap the queen and next move is mate

  13. this reminds me of that brilliant queen sacrifice game

  14. Or just queen c3 then paw b4 checkmate

  15. Can u not pin the queen so they take and u take back and the pawn is unstoppable?

  16. I was ready for an En Passant from G4 F5 just because he never told us if it was technically legal there or not

  17. What will you do I black puts his queen in C6 black will then win

  18. am I missing something, or could queen c3 have been a checkmate before moving any of the pawns?

  19. White queen to f4 wins since after queen trades and pawn takes that pawn is unstoppable

  20. Back in the day women had no rights so in chess we gave them to many

  21. if u moved queen to c3 would be instant checkmate

  22. If queen goes in b6 the pawn can tale her

  23. So Black is Winning if he doesn’t take and goes Qg2 instead

  24. So basically, just trade queens if you have passed pawn thats about to promote?

  25. He is right 😂 I don’t believe it

  26. Or The pawn could have just traded queens and be two pawns up. And the pawn could just take the other pawn

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