Trick To Win Queen Endgames

Trick To Win Queen Endgames

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  1. How is Queen b6 checkmate there is a pawn that can take back which leads to white losing

  2. Queen d6 in the last game is still a checkmate, isn't it? 🤔

  3. How the fuck is whites king on the 7th rank?

  4. If you would have moved queen to c3 it would have been checkmate

  5. I found the move but I don't get the continuation. What if the queen goes anywhere else?

  6. When the pawn promotes you can kill it liar

  7. When pawn moves to C4 how is it check mate?

  8. When He doesnt take just do Queen D6 CHECKMATE

  9. I suck at endgames so I just point a 12 gauge slug at my opponents head 🗿

  10. Average Amogus Sussy Balls Amongus Fan🗿 says:

    After qe4, you can just do qd6 checkmate

  11. Pawn C5 takes Queen, doesn't work, unless for some reason, the kings and queens are on opposite ends of the board…

  12. My dumbass would find a way to stalemate it

  13. white qb6 is already checkmate in 1 right?

  14. Move the king? Tell me what happens i wanna know

  15. The video is called "trick to win queen endgames" but there is no trick it's just one move in a game that maybe happened a few times

  16. Is queen c3 not checkmate in one? I could be blind

  17. I thought about pawn c4 but had no idea checkmate was one after 😅😂

  18. You can move move queen to c3 and still checkmate

  19. Idk why but that's the first thing I thought but I can stay on a decision

  20. I knew this one because I've seen this video before

  21. Because of ur videos i got a better understanding of endgames. I won a endgame with both having 2 rooks but him having 3 more pawns than me. I won with queen+king mate

  22. NFFP Edits #stop@error-_-error #saverg13 says:

    me: Qc3#
    he forgot this mate in 1
    even if the king was in the middle
    this is the only checkmate if king was in c5

  23. d**n it.., I'm pretty sure there's many end game pros out now because of this guy

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