Trick To Win Queen VS Rook’s Pawn

Trick To Win Queen VS Rook’s Pawn


  1. Why can't the black queen move on the diagonal to protect the middle square

  2. Wait a minute wait a minute that was blacks fault you could’ve survived if the Black queen just move diagonally next to the White king the black king could’ve survived and he could’ve moved away

  3. Achievement unlocked How did we get here

  4. Btw why would stuff like that be draws and not checkmates?

  5. I made my friend draw with 2 queens and I had nothing

  6. But he can go to A8,A7,… And controlling that square

  7. There is actually another way; just move the queen downwards.

  8. Got into this position, remembered this thanks

  9. IDK if I'm correct but I think Qc3 saves the game for black cause it stops mate

  10. Me and my chess beginner ass wondering why the pawn couldn’t take the queen

  11. Wait wait wait wait. Was it only me or was that pawn on the 1st rank?

  12. The moment white placed his queen to g3 he lost bc the pawn will just take it and the king will help in the finishing checkmate

  13. "Black has 0 checks"
    my dumb fucking brain: just move queen to h2

  14. what if black queen moved to e4 wouldn't that give the black queen the ability to take back the whit queen when g2 check?

  15. There is a problem
    What if the Black king goes back to h1 after check?

  16. After qd2 what if black king decided to go to the 3rd row?

  17. But what happens if king goes back from h1 from the discovery check?

  18. It took me 3 months to understand what the fuck is a “rook’s pawn”

  19. Black queen h7, black king g1
    White king g3, white queen d2
    1: white queen g2#
    2: white queen g1#
    3: white queen e1#
    4: white queen f2#
    5: white queen c1#

  20. Doesnt black win because checkmate or queen white is gone.

  21. One game I had a queen and my opponent a knight, I went to a square with my queen thinking nothing and got FORKED 😭 lol.

  22. I think there was a better move for white after the black king goes to f1 the white queen could have went to g3

  23. Actually it's not forced checkmate on the next move. If black sacrifices the queen it will be mate in 2 instead of mate in 1.

  24. Never let them know your next move: THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOK
    Btw i had this idea from one of the comments

  25. What 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  26. Nope if black moved on the white file diagonally, black would capture the queen and would be in the better position

  27. Black queen were having check h2
    And if white queen takes so king can go away

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