Tricky Chess Endgame !!! #chess #shorts #viral

Tricky Chess Endgame !!!

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  1. Im now very sure that if Black King goes to h7

    White King Uses The Move g7 To Absolutely Win, In any way,

  2. Why dont they just take the other pawn instead?

  3. If kh7, kf7 then white will lose the g file eventually no matter what black plays

  4. Not very tricky lmao there was only 2 possible moves

  5. And to everyone who says black king h7, white can just go kf7 and then white will just win

  6. And if king moves u go with king too and take back the opossision then do the same trick.

  7. And if the black takes the other pawn?

  8. What if he takes with the other pawn dum dum

    Nothing to see here





    White still wins

  9. Okay i run this on stockfish, and he ain’t fishing, this is total waste of time

  10. What if he takes your g pawn except your h pawn

  11. Than I promote to a bishop 💀

  12. That's stupid he can take the other pawn and then you can't push bc his King is on the way and he can just push and win

  13. Stockfish 15.1 ( depth 80 in endgame ) : black take g5 = mate in 5 , take h5 = mate in 3 , if kh8 = mate in 12

  14. Have u ever wondered that they move their king instead of eating ur pawn

  15. If they take g5 pawn, then you take their g6 pawn and you will promote to queen anyways

  16. First of all if black takes the g pawn with his h pawn it would be mate in 4, so a little bit better and secondly, if black decides to play king h 7 it would be much harder checkmate pattern with high stalemate probabilities if black plays good and white doesn't

  17. And what if i take the left pawn? You dont have chance to safe you pawn or i just easily promoting my pawn for a queen.

  18. So I've been doing brilliant moves all this time and I didn't review the game?

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