Trying to win one of the TRICKIEST endgames in chess…

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In this video, I try to checkmate with 2 knights against a king and a pawn. It is well known that 2 knights cannot force checkmate against a lone king. However, when the opposing side has a pawn, winning chances become possible!

Analyze the game:

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0:00 haha
14:02 celebration
14:40 Wikipedia Article (Troitsky’s line)
16:00 Searching for Hans Neimann
17:52 Hans Neimann’s BRILLIANCY from a REAL tournament game

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  1. 1:48, if you take pawn that will be draw too so only 50 moves for win

  2. Let the pawn move to e2 blockade with the king and then mate with the 2 knights

  3. The possible calculator perinatally suck because verse psychologically exercise until a secret stopsign. pumped, holistic foot

  4. Man its a crazy pattern , does my head in everytime haha.. Welldone!

  5. Why cant the king stay as far away from the pawn as possible if two knights is a draw?

  6. Hey Eric I have a question, so if opponent flags and you have two knights does that count as enough material to mate thus giving you the win?

  7. Just for a chess noob to understand: you cant checkmate with only 2 kinghts ? so you have to keep the pawn alive ?

  8. Most important thing is to learn the pattern how to force the king with only K+N

  9. When the pawn has crossed the Troitzky line, there is always a drawing zone for the black king. In this case, the drawing zone is between the a1 and a8 corner (furthest away from the blockading knight). Hans' opponent didn't know enough theory to know that staying on the a-file would have been enough to draw the game.

  10. Just rewatching this… those edits are seamless! Didn’t realise the first time round.

  11. I always have troubles with the "opening" endings

  12. 0:50 can’t you just play Nf3? I mean it’s a forced draw isn’t it?

  13. 4:38 wouldn't Ng3 be best, since you're blocking h5 and forcing the king into the corner further?

  14. Is it IMPOSSIBLE to mate with 2 nights vs king? Or is it just not possible to FORCE it to happen

  15. I was going to like but then I saw that the likes were at 6.9k sooo…

  16. Komu też wyskoczyła reklama kampani Trzaskowskiego? XDDDDD

  17. For the first time I have seen an American pronouncing an Indian name correctly

  18. Its hilarious when people think they are gonna grind 700 points in a year.

  19. Try two bishops vs kinght! That is even more difficult.

  20. I enjoyed this and no disrespect but the opponent here didn't exactly make it that hard for him. Try doing this in under 50 moves against a 3200 rated chess engine. Even with unlimited time I doubt even a GM could get the mate.

  21. "Cool party trick", yes. Definitely something to show your friends at the bar or the library.

  22. Elon musk and great thumbing ya checkmate!

  23. Thanks Eric I love chess bro taught me some great moves there :))

  24. "What did the blind man say to the chess streamer? Answer: 'How do you want your hair cut, Rosen?'"

  25. What an awesome video! Well played

  26. I have enough trouble with bishop and knight endgames.

  27. Just realised its an old video and this video is not just made after the magnus drama.

  28. 17:53: Hans must have been vibrating all over the place for that win.

  29. Just had a game that resulted in me having one knight vs two knights it turned out to be a draw when my opponent took my knight if he did not take i think its possible for him to win

  30. I just ended up in an endgame with 1 knight and my king vs a king and thought that there was a checkmate I was missing. Is there any way I could have won that game? It ended in a draw

  31. Niemann's endgame knowledge speaks for itself

  32. i thought with perfect play this endgame is a draw?

    Edit, i forgot about the fact that the pawn keeps black from stalemating.

  33. This is why chess is so amazing. Logically, it doesn't make sense that giving the opponent an extra pawn takes it from a draw to a forced mate, but tactics trumps logic.

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