Trying to win one of the TRICKIEST endgames in chess…

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In this video, I try to checkmate with 2 knights against a king and a pawn. It is well known that 2 knights cannot force checkmate against a lone king. However, when the opposing side has a pawn, winning chances become possible!

Analyze the game:

Read more about this fascinating chess endgame:

0:00 haha
14:02 celebration
14:40 Wikipedia Article (Troitsky’s line)
16:00 Searching for Hans Neimann
17:52 Hans Neimann’s BRILLIANCY from a REAL tournament game

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  1. It's versus, not verse. Verse isn't a verb.

  2. I just hope that I never get into this situation

  3. Wow I’ve never been this early to Eric’s videos

  4. Hans Niemann is spelt wrong in the description

  5. How 300s feels when they checkmate with 5 queens and a rook

  6. Honestly if I ever get this position I'll just offer a draw cause Im too lazy.

  7. Meanwhile I'm still struggling to master the rook and king endgame.

    Edit : I know how to do it, I meant that I can't do it with 10s on the clock.

  8. I'd probably lose if I had this position as white. 😂

  9. I encountered this only the other a day. Trying to win from what seemed a good advantage point was so frustrating and brain-draining that I was actually relieved to be forced into a draw.

  10. according to tablebase, the position at move 56 in Hans' game (20:08) actually is winning for white (though it theoretically violates the 50 move rule)

    the Troitsky line determines whether white can force a win given any possible position of the other four pieces, but this doesnt rule out that some positions involving the pawn passed the line might still have a forced win for white. (Also, it doesnt take into account the 50 move rule. Theres a "Second Troitsy line" that does)

  11. “The king is confined to the sad box” 😂😂😂

  12. I love how Eric included that joke at the start even tho it was entirely unnecessary

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