TWO Knights Stop FIVE Promotions In This Chess Puzzle

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  1. I literally had the exact same position 3 days ago and I couldn't find a win so had to stick with a perpetual.. tysm for sharing…!

  2. Knights near enemy king is possibly the most dangerous thing in Chess

  3. I’m missing what happens after ne4, f1=Q, how does white checkmate?

  4. If you're down 6 pawns to your opponent at endgame, I doubt you can find these moves 😂

  5. Second brilliant move was pretty easy

  6. Anyone trolling this hard as black with an undeveloped rook and no simplification by sacking the rook for a knight deserves this 2 knights mate lol

  7. Uhh couldnt the move the rook multiple times to avoid moving their own pawn and blocking themselves in

  8. Koi hai chutiya jo yaha knight lega

  9. why does this guy sound like every scam caller

  10. How did he get into this kind of position?

  11. "pawns are more powerful when they are near promotion squares"

    Knights: No

  12. Bro there is a way to beat it you just take with the pawn when you get checked

  13. Pawns are the powerfull peaces when they are near the promotion square….
    Le kinght in endgame : am i joke to you?

  14. Why would they ever pick a knight over a rook or queen

  15. Knight e2 check, knight c3 check again, knight d3 mate

  16. Lesson learned: if you have 5 pawns ready at disposal promote them

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