Understanding Passed Pawns | Principles of Chess Endgames | GM Naroditsky

In this video, we examine the first of several crucial concepts that will serve as the basis for understanding pawn endgames: passed pawns. After clarifying the definition, we consider the various ways of creating passed pawns, and identify five special types of passers that frequently occur in pawn endgames. Finally, we hammer home and contextualize this theoretical knowledge through a few well-selected examples from chess practice.

Note: In the “avoid the Deep Freeze” example, I forgot to share the correct move! Rather than playing 1.g3, White first has to play 1.h3 (stopping …g4), then 2.g3, and finally 3.h4.

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  1. Quality over quantity with Daniel Naroditsky and he is 1000/1000 on quality. I think producing one of these a week of this quality is very reasonable and no one should expect more.

  2. I am relatively new and learned more in an hour than 6 hours of private instruction. And….I can review as needed.

  3. The quality of instruction here is amazing. Thank you Danya!

  4. Does Danya have a patreon? The clarity he creates when he's explaining is just amazing.

  5. I am several weeks behind on your videos, so I know I am late to this party. Still, it would be hugely helpful if the ending of these videos had "homework". Something like 5 sec views of different positions that can be plugged into a board editor and practiced against a computer. This would give people a chance to actively practice the skills, and should cement the skills better.

  6. The best class ever about endgames and pawns! I'm amazed. Thank you very much @Daniel. High quality content and that 54min was funny and instructional way to pass

  7. Seriously Danya youre the best man this is amazing… I think hands down the best chess teacher on youtube and probably just overall and you give it all for free. Between this and the speed run series there is just an insane amount of well organized and articulated info and it really shows your passion for the game and how important it is to you that others have the opportunity to share in that passion. Thank you again

  8. I've watched several hours now. This is brilliant stuff! It's kind of crazy how there can be this kind of free high quality educational content. Big thanks!

  9. You didn’t point out the winning move for white in the 1 pawn holds 3 example! Would F4 (instead of G3) be correct? Very interesting lecture! Thank you, Grandmaster

  10. hey you should write a book and e-book (maybe for Forward Chess or Chessable) on these endgame things!

  11. I would suggest slowing down a bit especially in the more complex examples.

  12. These are the best chess lessons I have seen on Youtube so far. Thank you so much for sharing this, Daniel

  13. I am a month late, but its never too late to be thankful I guess. This is so deeply informative. Thanks Daniel.

  14. Fantastic series start! Looking forward to all these in this series. Thank you for taking on the “boring” end game study in a methodical approach with easy to remember names, tips and rules.

  15. Wonderful video, I think Danya will be the true icon of teaching chess. My brother does not even play chess but he enjoys learning from you. Keep up! I will be waiting for the series of mating attacks.

  16. I love watching these lessons. Love your work, especially being able to watch a chess lesson from a GM with this clear speaking and easy to understand is so perfect. Much love and respect! 🖤

  17. "trousers" I'm pretty sure you mean wide peepos 🤔

  18. Amazing video thanks a lot Daniel. You are an great human being😍

  19. Ask yourself why this guy is 2616 and not close to a world champion.

  20. After the great Petrosian debacle it seems that content creators like to create "pp" rules. You have PPP, Levy has PP on the PP.

  21. Congratulations!! I wacht it all!! Than you very much, you are one of my favorite grandmasters 🙂 🙂

  22. These videos are going to be a great resource for anyone wanting to learn the endgame in depth. The fact that these are put on a platform for absolutely no cost is commendable!
    Kudos to GM Daniel Naroditsky for this amazing work

  23. This was so clearly explained. I’m already seeing dividends.

  24. Funny how he makes the lesson feel interactive, I’m like a kid watching Dora the Explorer. I got home from work and he’s like “pause the video and try to find it for yourself” and I said out loud “Sorry Danya I can’t right now I’m just so exhausted.” 🤦‍♂️

  25. Daniel, you're one of the easiest to understand instructors that I've never seen, I thank you very much for sharing this type of content. I honestly feel like I understand chess a little better everytime I watch one of your videos.

  26. I've been keeping this series of videos aside for quite some time, and finally took the time to dive into it. It is great content, thanks a lot for putting all the work for this and sharing with all of us 💙 this is super high quality content, super useful, and super valuable. And this first video alone already gave me a better understanding of some endgame concepts and positions, I played an endgame right after that and had the feeling I understood a lot more what was happening on the board (and I won it!)

  27. I could easily watch one hour of this😍
    So the time is no a problem danya
    We love this content

  28. These videos from Daniel are insanely good. The fact that he frequently asks the viewers to solve small problems ensures that we don't become passive viewers – just great!

  29. I received “passed pawns” as a lesson and insight on the green site. Searched it on YouTube, much much much better than the sites lessons. Thank you. Pawn play is hard for me to comprehend at 1000 rapid rating

  30. Super Grand Master Naro I just want to say that 45min-1hr videos are perfect, do not get discouraged about the length of your videos as I believe I speak for most when I say that the more info we as beginner/intermediate players can get from someone of your caliber the better, always so professional and informative in ways players of all levels can understand, much obliged for what you provide to us mere mortals in the chess world

  31. Very nice explanation and an amazing series. Thank you

  32. These end games videos are a blessing, you're the best

  33. You’re THE best chess teacher, hands down. The pacing is perfect. The materials are valuable and immediately applicable. The way you teach is so engaging. Thank you thank you thank YOU for taking the time teaching us chess.

  34. Thank you so much for providing this material to us lesser mortals 🙂 You are the best, Danya!

  35. day one of trying to get danya to notice me <3 (lichess rating: 1191)

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