Van Perlo’s Endgame Tactics Part 166

Van Perlo’s Endgame Tactics is a classic endgame book, which concentrates on endgames. It has more than 1300 endgame positions. If you do every problem in the book, your endgame knowledge/abilities will improve, and also your tactical ones. This video series will aim to go through this entire huge book, and cover every tactic, one at a time.

It covers all these topics (and more):
Pawn Endgames
Queen Endgames
Rook Endgames
Minor Piece Endgames
More Rook Endgames
And each one of those has a huge subset of topics of its own. So start learning your end games with the ChessGeek community!

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  1. White plays rook c1 then if black takes queen then checkmate and if black takes rook we win a queen

  2. Queen b1
    Rook blocks queen takes
    Queen blocks rook and queen take

  3. Couldn't you just move the queen one space forward?

  4. and if white plays Qf8 to block Rd1 best move

  5. After black queen to b2 if opponent play rook to c8 then !

  6. I counter play would be for white would be Rc8 and if the queen takes queen then rook takes rook is check mate

  7. But Qb1 ?

    Then Qf1 , Rd1 , Queen is tied , so Q×d1 and finally Q×d1#?

  8. Rook c2? am I wrong in finking that it wins

  9. Saw that instantly
    Shame these situations don't happen to me in my games

  10. Go queen b1 rook block kill it queen block kill 8t mate

  11. wow thats stalling to me , just do Qb1, you check, you can take rook if he defends, then take queen and its still win

    isnt it? xd

  12. It's not stunning. It's obvious. Stunning would be Marshall's Qg3!

  13. what if White defends with rook d3??
    White could save his rook and also cover checkmate, if black takes our Queen we take the rook on d8

  14. You could also just go one square further forward and m8 is forced

  15. What about rook c2 in response?

  16. Rc2 or Qe1, where's the threat buddy?

    If Rc2 and Rd1+, simply Qxd1 and you're down a rook.
    If Qe1 and Rd1, it's an exchange of rooks.

  17. For those wondering, Qb1 -> Qf1, if queen takes queen, black is still one pawn behind. If you move your rook to support your attack, Rc8 is mate in 2 for white. Only move for black after Qb1 -> Qf1 is Qxa2, but it's still a bad moveAnd if after Qb2, white plays Qe1 to protect the rook, Qxc3 -> Qxc3 -> Rd1 and it's mate for black

  18. Queen b1 is forced mate bro. Dont wanna be toxic but try not to make another puzzle like this one where these just another mate because people will think that you are just dumb and not worth watching.

  19. Why the fuck people say "White moves X"??? Is black the ONE MOVING!

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