Van Perlo’s Endgame Tactics Part 166

Van Perlo’s Endgame Tactics is a classic endgame book, which concentrates on endgames. It has more than 1300 endgame positions. If you do every problem in the book, your endgame knowledge/abilities will improve, and also your tactical ones. This video series will aim to go through this entire huge book, and cover every tactic, one at a time.

It covers all these topics (and more):
Pawn Endgames
Queen Endgames
Rook Endgames
Minor Piece Endgames
More Rook Endgames
And each one of those has a huge subset of topics of its own. So start learning your end games with the ChessGeek community!

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  1. White to c8 is the best move for white to win

  2. Qb1 if the opponent plays Qf1 then you play Rd1. Wouldn‘t that work?

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