Very Important! The Bahr’s rule in King and Pawn Chess Endgames

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Here is a new video from my Basic in chess series. Today we are continuing our chess tutorial videos with the so called Bahr’s rule in King and Pawn Chess Endgames.


  1. Very interesting rule. I have learned something new. Thanks a lot!

  2. Do you know who or what Bahrs rule is named after? I did a search on and found 3 results for Bahr, 0 results for Bahrs. Peter BahrOskar von BahrFred BahrThank you for posting the video.

  3. I love the new thumbnail schemes and you're portrait is inviting us to joining this awesome channel

  4. the bear's rule yes now animals have started playing chess

  5. Time 7:34 Kc1? Kc3! , opposition. Kb1 b2 , Ka2 Kc2 and the Pawn promotes, black wins. Elsewise i very much like the rule with the diagonales, didn't know it. Your videos are very instructive. Learned also attack on the side of the direction of the Pawn chain and don't touch the pawns from you. Please continue the good work.

  6. Thank you, this is excellent. So helpful to have some enlightenment that makes some calculations in the endgames easier.

  7. just came from müller's fundamental chess endings book. a very good explanation indeed. thanks!

  8. I've read Bahr's rule from the endgame book but it's hard for me to understand..but when I watch your video about Bahr's rule it's very well explaination so now I understand it. Thank you!

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