Watch This End Game To Play Your End Games like a Pro #endgame #checkmate #chessmoves #chess


  1. The under promotion to a rook was a briloant not great😂

  2. Ever since I learned about underpromotion I've been wondering when it would make sense to underpromote to a rook or bishop. The knight made sense, but since the queen covers the same squares as the other two pieces i didn't see the point. I never considered the implications on stalemates

  3. Holy f… at first I thought how come is a draw then realised it was a stalemate..,

  4. This is a famous chess problem composed by SAVADRA.

    An interesting and unusual story:
    Originally, the author intended to compose a "white starts and draw" problem. The problem was published as a DRAW problem.

    For years (!!!!) It was thought that it was impossible to promote a QUEEN because (after check) with the rook, and QxR, it was… a draw.
    Until one of the solvers noticed that IT IS POSSIBLE to promote a rook!! And it's NOT a draw as you can see in this video.
    From that time until today the title of the problem has changed to "White starts and WINS."
    It is strange that the video does not indicate such a story behind the problem of SAVADRA.
    Extremely rare.

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