Watching Magnus Carlsen show his amazing endgame skills

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  1. I saw that pawn sacrifice instantly. Magnus is insane at chess, but this definitely isnt the game that best represents it because as it was a nice move, I feel like anyone over 2000 could have found it.

  2. That was so brilliant I was confused on the pawn sac but then realised that the pawns will be equal after a sacand it will be converted into draw

  3. Props to the world's champ, a5 is the only move to win

  4. I’m literally a 1000 rated player and I saw that

  5. It’s a Winning move not a fkin draw otherwise the pawn sac is useless

  6. The killer part is what you realize happens if black didn’t take and moved forward. It would still be the same thing 😮

  7. This guy looks Indian but sounds like a white man

  8. He's probably seen positions like this plenty of times before

  9. I know barely anything about chess lol (considering I only play it to go for draws every time) but how does that make it checkmate? Unless that isn’t and I’m just a dunce

  10. hey i have a question. the highest chess rating is 2882 by magnus carleson correct? then how does he have a 3.2k rating here?

  11. Wouldn’t a7 also win the game?? Why sac pawn?

  12. 29 – 11 against Danya is something hella crazy

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