We Pulled the MOST ENDGAMES! I Spent 1 Million VC on Guaranteed Dark Matter Packs! NBA 2K23 MyTeam

I had to go all in on the new guaranteed dark matter packs in nba 2k23 myteam with guaranteed endgame and invincible cards in the new expensive super packs box and we pulled the most endgames ever in this 1 million vc pack opening for all endgames!

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  1. I opened a Hakeem single pack a while ago and I got endgame Hakeem

  2. I actually pulled end game Scottie pippen I’m so happy this was my first end game

  3. Bro not every player is gonna be end game bol bol

  4. My best pulls this year was Mo Bamba and Mark Eaton Invincible, Dirk and Shawn Bradley End Game

  5. W or l idea the extra xp for the season that you have should carry over to the next season.

  6. Bro I pulled four endgames out of a 21 box The end games were Giannis taco bol Bol and Kevin Durant

  7. I spent 150k vc and pulled invincible ja and end game jokic

  8. My first and only lucky pull was mark gasol

  9. I opened one single tonight and pulled end game jordan so that’s my best pull.

  10. Yall like this 6 throw away endgames and 1 worth watching. Mr_snarfsnarf on twitch if you all like this yall will love my content 17k$ spent this season with no yt money come through i give out alot of mt and cards to viewers live tomorrow at 12 ohio time

  11. Shia not getting an invincible or endgame was a robbery😢

  12. I pulled endgame Dwayne wade from a single

  13. You copied witness 2k’s thumbnail you bum

  14. Pink diamond antekopo or how ever fire one mill mt

  15. “I wonder what the dynamic goal is gonna make u- IDC on to the next one” fucking great

  16. I just posted a holo flawless TACKO on auction ,is anyone here interested in?🥹🙏

  17. My greatest pulls were EG Dr J and Invincible Chris Bosh

  18. opened a 20 box and didn’t get a single end game

  19. It would make my day if you responded to this! I also got end game Vince carter from clutch time!!!

  20. Hey Carlos, I really want to do a small pack opening but i cant really afford vc

  21. Invincible devin booker or invincible penny hardaway

  22. Swear he’s the only dude to get excited to see a dm in guaranteed dm packs

  23. I pulled endgame wemby in my first pack of the day

  24. Best pull was endgame Wemby, spend the last of my MT and got Wemby

  25. great video, btw i should hate u i think…😭😭❤️

  26. The first two packs I open I got endgame Kawhi Leonard an ending Jokić

  27. How come these are the same cards that htb pulled?

  28. I assume you figured it out, but one player is always from S8, and if you get a 2nd DM, it can't be from S8.

  29. Bro said if there’s a dark matter in this pack hit that like button 😭

  30. They scammed you with Yao cause he is not season 8

  31. Invincible Manute bol
    Invincible Clyde drexler
    Invincible Jonathan issac
    Invincible Mark Eaton
    Invincible Glen rice
    Endgame Wemby
    Endgame Luka

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