What is opposition in chess endgames?

Three youngsters – D.Gukesh, Siddharth Jagadeesh and Savitha Shri had the time of their life at the ChessBase office in Hamburg. Not only did they get to see the place where the world’s best chess software is produced, but they also got time with one of the greatest endgame experts in the world – Karsten Mueller. In this video Karsten Mueller teaches the youngsters an extremely important endgame lesson – What is Opposition?

Can you define it? If not, check the video to understand a mathematician’s take on the definition of opposition.

Video: Frederic Friedel

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  1. Starting from the King, every 3rd, 5th and 7th square (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) and every 3rd, 5th and 7th square from that previous square (again, horizontal, vertical or diagonal) are in opposition. This is the definition.

  2. I am surprised that Gukesh does not know what is being told at 0.49….basically if we study silmans endgame course or imbalances book, he clearly defines the logic for the kind of opposition that mueller was explaining

    I thought for Gukesh at his level, he would already know about the same coloured corners squares rule

  3. This so beautiful.
    I play chess for now over 4 years and of course I know what opposition is but I don't know how to define it.
    I know the concept of the square when it comes to pawn and king chases.
    But I did NOT know this concept can apply to this kind of endgame

  4. I understood the define of opposition🙂

  5. Interesting concept, it must have its concrete utility in the game 👊

  6. I play chess & I found this video very interesting……

  7. We should make rectangle or square with all corner of same colour

  8. Amazing explanation. Never thought in this way. Simple and Clear Explanation !!!

  9. The illustrations dont keep up with the voice narration, especially toward the end of the video. This can be confusing.

  10. no idont understand what karsten saying it think that he is producing some new mad rules of opposition i am sure that the three of them didnot understand them as well

  11. Please make this type of video of all child gm prag nihal and gukesh and thanks for this video

  12. amazing. ..plz post such videos. ..thanks chessbase

  13. In one word be ODD.

  14. I think Their are distant opposition , near by opposition and indirect opposition

  15. Just learnt something new after watching it two times… Thank you

  16. This wasn't a good lecture. This is a bad example of a lecture. The guy should have taken the time to demonstrate exactly what's opposition, to make a definition, and to mathematically prove that it works. What he did is not a good way to estimulate kids, or anyone. People learn when they are exposed, slowly, to the concept, in steps.

  17. So i cant gain opposition on a or c file if the enemy king is on b file?

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