What Is The Hardest Pawn To Promote In Chess?

What Is The Hardest Pawn To Promote In Chess?


  1. me only promoting the rook's pawn every single time: you have underestimated my power

  2. Yeah this happens to me in my endgames sometimes. Its so annoying.

  3. Me as a 1450 Elon or something it's easy to promote if you know how to do everything very rarely this happens in end game but if you have enough patience and brain you can do it but so much time it's stalemate

  4. Allah please forgive me I ruined the 420 likes

  5. I swear i hate stalemate “You are literally trapped every other soldier on the board is either dead or trapped”

  6. Stalemate is so annoying, you should be able to make your kings duel

  7. now the question is… what pawn is the easiest to promote?

  8. Don't be like in 1600+ … Just have a advantages of a rook or something and promote that little shit

  9. I just had a puzzle yesterday where I had to promote rooks pawn. You need to prevent black king from getting ahead of the white king stuck on the d file

  10. what? i just had this exactly happen about 1 minutes ago. i go on yt shorts cus uim bored and find this. wtf

  11. I think stalemate should only be a draw if the opponents have the same amount of points.

  12. Pretty sure it's the middle pawns, they can't even survive 30 moves in the game most of the time

  13. The outside pawns might be tougher to promote in King and pawn endgames, but often outside passed pawns in the middle game are arguably the toughest to stop from promoting.

  14. Even bishop(of opposite colour to corner) and pawn vs king is a draw. Knight and pawn one square away from promoting is also a draw because stalemate ideas, rook and rook pawn vs rook is also a draw if the king is in the corner and the rook is on the back rank

  15. Middle pawns are the hardest to promote as they leave the board earlier

  16. Lmao this happened on Thursday the day after Friday I forgot the real name and it was a stalemate lmaooo

  17. I ended up having to deal with that…
    But always lose

  18. You can still promote if you push ur king in front of the pawn before enemy king gets in front.

  19. No joke just had this stalemate against my brother 10 mins ago

  20. I've always thought stalemate is like that scene in Monty Python where the knight has had all his limbs chopped off but is still fighting. "Alright, we'll call it a draw".

  21. "No way promoting the rooks pawn"
    Me:*Promoted a rook pawn*

  22. You know the hardest pawn to promote is the Middle pawns, no matter what they are always the first to disappear in a board. There is no way to promote them unless the player is stupid to sacrifice everything in the way

  23. the guy who has another rooks pawn on the other side:

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