When Your World Championship Dream Crashes #chess #shorts #gaming

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  1. "Don't cry because is the end, smile because is finally over. "

  2. He is proving his game every time and is showing that he is not to be counted out as yet. He will come back stronger. Come on VD

  3. As a wise man once said:

    "There is a loser & a winner… The losers cry for hours. The winners brag about it, but when you lose: You get a new hope."

  4. Why so emotional for? It’s just a game, ain’t it??

  5. the worst part of being a champion is having to ruin the other person dream for yours 😢

  6. Feeling so sorry for our VD
    Dont worry he is a champ
    Will rise up again and will win❤❤

  7. I dont know why felt so sad about vidit 😢

  8. Эти эмоции.
    Отбрось их и ты будешь смотреть на мир другими глазами

  9. Thank you for calling Microsoft support, how can I help you?

  10. Fedoseev was too strong for young one it was a great battle

  11. He had a chance to be World Champion in rapid 🙂

  12. Vidit gujrati is kane williamson of chess 😔

  13. It's not a normal match, vidit lost World Rapid Championship. Magnus, Yu , vidit fighting for World Rapid Crown

  14. I can understand these guys work so hard to achieve such a great skills, it must be pretty heavy for them. I never knew chess could be this stressful. I am 380 rating and my friend is 400 and we play for fun and laugh. We plot evil funny plans which most of the time backfires but this is what the chess is for me. It is such a beautiful game for me.

  15. Why ? He is already qualified for the candidates

  16. Man's whole world was crashing but still showed sportsmanship.

  17. No matter what happens, we are proud of you Vidhit ❤ you are doing very well

  18. To become to best… U have to be the best…

  19. Keep going bro next year to you win ❤❤❤❤

  20. Brother we can share hard time because I also lost 😢😢😢

  21. Very very sad moment for the man who lose😢😢

  22. The shaking hands is very obvious when you are about to lose

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