When Your World Championship Dream Crashes #chess #shorts #gaming

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  1. Don't worry bro next time you will win cheer up 😊😊

  2. To achieve one's goal you have to crash the goals of many 😢😢😢😢😢

  3. Isso sim dá gosto de ver, o amor pelo jogo, a vontade de vencer, o drama que é, deixa tudo mais bonito.

  4. nepo's heartbreak scene was still by far the saddest

  5. He will some day make it, im sure of it 🙏

  6. I mean, it's magnus carlson he's against. The dude's on another level

  7. Or dina belenkys mai ghussoo yehi hoga

  8. 1st:- 🎉😁😁
    2nd:- …

  9. It's okay Cham, get em next time 💪🏻

  10. He is the most down-to-earth person in chess. Vidit, tera bhi din aayega. I am a very big supporter.

  11. Im rooting for you mr vidit, don't be discourage

  12. Ding better have to prepare, Nepo seems stronger and more driven…should nepo Win the candidates

  13. Have patience and continuously doing hardwork

  14. Feeling so sad for vidit. I was wholeheartedly supporting vidit in this tournament, but anyways it would be fine if gukesh finishes it with top score

  15. No I think the worst part is he knew the moment he fucked up and the game was out of his hand .

  16. Koi na Bhai try again and just do it. ❤

  17. Winning and loosing is part of Game❤
    Respect for everyone who gives his/her best to the game.

  18. I mean in the end he's still a dirty Indian, so no he wouldn't have made it to the finals even if he had won this match(which he didn't lol)

  19. Sometimes that happen that we never expect
    – It's called life😢

  20. Sagar shah and all his channels king Kong could not make vidit gujrati the champion of candidates 2024 …so sorry ..so sorry …so sorry…very biased channel ..ignoring other Indian players…

  21. I have seen this before in 2023 with ian nepomniachtchi😢

  22. Vidit suru se mera favorite ,The way he reached CANDIDATES is magical .Hope Gukesh maintains his heroic run to complete that dream .India is blessed with so many starts

  23. These videos are brutal man. Great job capturing the emotions.

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