Why did Magnus Carlsen SMILE? #shorts

Pragg’s first draw against Magnus Carlsen in Classical Chess! 😍

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. in the screen it shows that Magnus blundered lmao, but on the real video, he played the same move

  2. Magnus se deja la dama y praggnananda lo toma en son de respeto hacia el, grandes.

  3. Magnus has won so many games that it's just muscle memory so he accidentally places his king so that he'd win.

  4. This is so wholesome. I love it

  5. Коммунистический парень says:

    Draw 🤝🗿

  6. Ah1 is completely winning instead of draw

  7. Why pragnanandha not capture the queen by giving check??????

  8. he put na king in the wrong position..he can his queen if he checks na king again😂

  9. I think if the king is on E4 and when the king is on e4 why didn’t he go H1 that why he could have win the queen

  10. Magnus played e3 aap ne board pe e4 dikhaya hai sagar bhao 😅 e4 blunder hai.

  11. he could've won, why did he offered a draw ?

  12. Estoy completamente seguro que Pragg será campeón del mundo en un futuro no muy lejano.

  13. imagine finding the perfect move and magnus carlsen just smiles randomly after u made the move

  14. H1 was a check and winning the queen then after taking the free pawn and gets a great position to win

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