WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. In the triple fork 10-10 times my buds would move the knight in front of the queen instead

  2. I am delighted every time I play this with white. It’s totally winning if you know the response

  3. Where the bishop retreats to protect the king,why wouldn't your opponent just put the horse instead of the bishop

  4. You can't just espect that everything this is real

  5. why did he look like skinny Pete from breaking bad with that beanie on

  6. You should also show was that white could counter this play

  7. Knight be like : Am I a joke to you

  8. What happens if the knight takes your Bishop?

  9. what if he had taken the bishop with the knight

  10. what if he moves the knight instead of threatening the queen with the bishop

  11. i winn a game of chess 2x faster all the time

  12. That would let me win in the contest thank you

  13. But if the white bishop eats the black –end of the script

  14. Me : chess is too hard
    Levi : D5 E5 G5…
    Me : WTH

  15. Opponent:continues to capture the queen after being attacked by the Bishop

  16. Uhmm I don't want to be edgy but opponent could take the bishop with his knight

  17. Bro it didn’t defend the queen he could get the queen and u cant get hes bishop

  18. That’s my favourite gambit of all time 🤩

  19. This happened to me once lol. I was just starting and got schooled.

  20. Can't lie you lowkey look like mike dawes 😂

  21. What if they took the bishop with the knight?

  22. He makes me want to play chess every time i watch a video lol

  23. I juss wonder what if the white does not play d4🤔??

  24. Thanks dude!! Super helpful 👍! 🙂👌

  25. bro thinks a triple fork is special when I forked an opponent's queen, king, rook, and bishop. quadruple fork.

  26. What if the opponent plays knight C3 not bishop?

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