You Resign Too Early In Chess

You Resign Too Early In Chess


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  1. Bro here aro 2move checkmate from black after whit king when go back rank

  2. Not take queen at the end, queen a6!

  3. When the king moves to h8 you should have go queen h3

  4. 400-1200 elo is all just not making blunders, and knowing like 3 openings for the first 6 moves. you don’t even need to know that many tactics, just the basic ones.

  5. Queen h3 2 move checkmate omg😂😂😂

  6. You could’ve move the queen to h3. His only option would have been to give the queen which then you take with your queen and that’s mate.

  7. Cant you sacrifice da rook and then trade rooks

  8. Bro after rook takes rook queen herself doesn't take the rook but pushes the pawn😅😂

  9. Bro you would have win if you put your queen on h3 in 2 moves

  10. The people saying qh3 check is mate for black is the reason why they should stay quite

  11. I have low Elo why can’t black move king to b6

  12. Black could have one when whites king was in the corner

  13. How could anyone think this is 100 elo chess?

    Both queens survived to the Endgame.

  14. Black can play king b8 for confirm draw

  15. 2 brilliants are not enough to save the game 😭

  16. Couldn't u sac the rook on a6?correct me if wrong

  17. Bruh when you did rook c7 check and the king moves to h8 you could've moved your queen to h3 which leads to check then your white queen blocks on h7 then u take the queen resulting in checkmate because the queen is getting protection from rook

  18. After King h8 there is a forced checkmate when you put Queen to h3

  19. Why in that diagonal queen attack black didn't block with rook?

  20. This sequence wouldn’t actually work, because rather then playing King A7 after rook C7 check, you can play Queen H3. White queen is forced to defend, you take with your queen, checkmate. You’d have to play King H6 after the rook check, and win from there, because ladder mate is impossible with the Queen pinned.

    Even I, a 700 elo player, could see that

  21. I love those kind of games where the “obvious” moves are the blunder, and the subtle unexcited looking moves are the win!

  22. So we are just going to ignore the fact that there was mate in 2 for black in the middle of that

  23. WAIT.
    why are the king moves brilliant?
    Brilliants are winning moves right?.
    So how are those 2 moves brilliant and still white is winning?

  24. Bro move black queen to h 3 check if queen block kill queen with black queen checkmate

  25. Bro black would have one if u moved black queen to h3 that would have been checkmate for black

  26. Queen h3 wasn't ceckmate (after queen h7 and queen h7 takes)

  27. What If you take the Queen and they take back then You check if block take with check king moves Queen Far away somewhere let king take pawn and queen King endgame but if he moves play waiting and something but yeah Does this work

  28. Sac the rook and trade queens then take the pawn and it's a draw, black doesn't lose, yet it can't win

  29. It's 100 elo game, but you forgot ². so it's actually 100²(10,000)elo game. 🤣

  30. I dont get it

    If he takes the tower with the tower its a draw again

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