You Won’t Believe The Crazy Chess Trick You Can Learn In Just Minutes!

Chess TRICK For Beginners


  1. Why wouldn't you take the pawn that's not against your pawn? Taking the one in front of your pawn allows the other pawn to start pooshing

  2. Oh thanks I’ll just take a7 pawn and take other

  3. Why won’t the white king just take the pawn in front of him?

  4. Does white not win if they just take the other pawn?

  5. It’s also important to know that if black plays Ke4, at the end of the poosh sequence, after both sides promote, white can play Qh8+, skewering the black king and queen

  6. Why can’t you take the first black pawn then take the second, it’s a free wok for white

  7. I was wondering why Kd4 doesn't work but then I saw that at the end of the sequence, there's… Qh8 🥳 (skewering the king and queen on the same diagonal)

  8. The black pawn can move 2 steps in the beginning

  9. i thought taking the pawn as white at first but then i saw thats it loses the game 😛

  10. "But I trapped you… You actually have a Queen on h8 so ur just winning"

  11. White can capture the a7 pon and win the game bro

  12. Bold of you to assume that I won't blunder my queen

  13. In the second example is king a7 winning for white…

  14. Can't the kind take the pawn in front of it

  15. King a7 then b7 then take c7 then promote to a queen bro

  16. All fun and games until you blunder a king and queen skewer

  17. ok hear me out here… what if the white king just took the left pawn first?

  18. No way this dude literally said POOSH, POOSH, Red Carpet poosh

  19. sounds like a tutorial of how to “po-osh” on the toilet

  20. Everyone trying to escape mate…

    Me wondering…why black haven't moved it's pawns even a single square in the whole game…

  21. If white take tha a7 pown its win for white no matter what black do

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